Did you see my top 12 Christmas films on planet earth? If not go check that out, today I’m talking about Christmas songs though. As soon as halloween is over the Christmas decorations come out, shops are bursting with festive spirit and price tags! However in our house we don’t put the decorations up until December hits, that doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to put a cheeky Christmas song or two on when the other half isn’t about! So I wanted to share with you lovely lot my favourite songs and really get me in the festive spirit! These are in no particular order so I’m not ranking them!

1, Cascada – Last Christmas!

I love it, don’t hate me! Cascada is an amazing artist in my eyes. I know all her songs and screamed when I knew this song was a thing, I was a lot younger!! It’s on repeat every year and I listen to it around 80 times throughout December, 80 sounds about right! If you’ve not heard it, check it out!!

2, Fairytale of New York

Weirdly enough this has to be a family favourite. I’m not talking small children though. Everyone old enough to understand what’s going on in the song knows what to sing, and there’s that one part that everyone loves right? This has to be the one song that doesn’t shout Christmas but gets me in the festive spirit! Give it a listen!

3, Mariah Carey – All I Want For Christmas Is You!

Classis alert! I think she makes half a million every Christmas from this one song, how mental is that! It’s a classic and I’m pretty sure everyone knows it. As soon as it starts getting played on the radio, people start Christmas shopping. Thankfully I do my shopping all year round so I can just sit back and enjoy the songs!

4, Michael Bublé – It’s Begining To Look A Lot Like Christmas

I picked this song as it has to be the one everyone knows. That being said I think if you hear any of his songs on TV or the radio then you know it’s time for Christmas. I’ve seen loads of memes about how it’s now Christmas and Michael and Mariah are defrosting ready to sing! I love his whole Christmas album to be fair and you should totally check it out!

5, The Darkness – Christmas Time (Don’t Let The Bells End)

Here’s an odd one, the other half loves it. Not the biggest fan myself but it just doesn’t get me in the festive spirit I suppose. It’s probably a great song for anyone who likes this kind of music though, so give it a go and find out if it gets your Christmas spirit started!

6, Wham – Last Christmas

Wham, the other half loves this song. Personally, don’t kill me! I like the Cascada version better! I’m sorry!! I have to admit though it does get you in the festive spirit so I’m going to allow it on the list, even if it is a weird duplicate in a roundabout way!

7,  Crazy Frog – We Wish You A Merry Christmas!

If you’re an oldie like me you must have seen this coming? The crazy frog, what a memory. The music makes no sense and he was a total one hit wonder, that doesn’t mean it can’t get you in the festive spiriti though!! Go on, give it a listen; I dare you!

8, Justin Beiber – Mistletoe

If you’re not a beiber fan you’re going to hate me. If you’re not a fan of this one, check out his entire Christmas album. I like younger beiber before he turned into the wreck he is now to be fair. He also did the duet with Mariah Carey – All I want for Christmas, so check that one out as well; heck buy the entire album and dance around the house in a santa hat!

9, Leona Lewis – One More Sleep

Got to love leona! I have to say that when I listen to most of her songs I get a little festive, is it because of this song, do all her songs sound a little bit familiar or is it because she won the X-Factor at Christmas time? Either way I have to have this song playing at Christmas time and so should you!

10, Kelly clarkson – Underneath the Tree

Go Kelly! I love her music all year round but her Christmas music even more, her paired with Leona above make the best Christmas time ever! I’m a huge fan of Kelly Clarkson and this song, so if you’ve never heard it go and listen to it at once!

11, Robbie Williams and Nicole Kidman – Somethin’ Stupid

Another classic, I mean this is how old now, has to be at least 7 or 8 years old right? It never gets old, I love Nicole on Moulin Rouge though, but I’m talking about this song. It’s amazing, go and listen and then afterwards watch Moulin Rouge!!

12, Destiny’s Child – 8 Days Of Christmas

Another oldie but goldie, Beyonce before she went huge! Love this song, upbeat and the kind of song you can dance around to or when you’re making your way through all the endless wrapping that you’ve got to do all year! Check it out and get yourself in the festive spirit! Also on the 9th day of Christmas, did their baby go bankrupt!!

13, Tom Jones & Cerys Matthews Baby Its Cold Outside

Sorry, I’m really throwing some old songs at you aren’t I. Love a bit of Tom Jones, his music anyways. Totally worth a listen, it’s one of them songs which isn’t amazing and could have a lot of work done to it; but you’ll never wish for it to be changed and it’s perfect the way it is. Go listen!

14, Do They know its Chrsitmas – Band Aid

Take your pick, there are so many. I love the song each time with all the different musicians. I also love the fact that they’re trying to raise money in the process, no matter what year you read this post make sure you’re listining to the new one!

So there we have it! When I started this list I thought I could only think of 6, now I’m at 14 and really should stop!! If you have a favourite on the list, let me know in the comments. After writing them all down and listinig to them all again (in November) I can safley say I’m more than in the Christmas spirit and I’m ready to get festive! I hope I didn’t leave any off the list as well, there are just so many great ones to be heard! Here’s one that didn’t make it on the list, Glee – Let’s Have A Kiki. I remember singing it all day a few years back with my younger sister and it was amazing. Even if a song might not be christmas I believe that we can make it so by interjecting some festive fun into them!

14 Best Christmas Songs Of All Time



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