Suffering with mental health can be hard, it can be even worse when people have no clue how to act or what to say around you! Some people can be cautious and try not to say anything that might trigger a person, whereas other people just don’t care and say whatever comes to mind. Which is why I’ve decided to do this blog post, along with a ranty YouTube video to go with!

I had to obviously limit the amount of phrases that I could put into one blog post and video other wise it would have been a couple of hours long and that’s no good, don’t want anyone getting bored! So we have three of my top hates phrases that I’ve had people actually say to me and you may have heard yourself! So let’s kick it off!

1, Cheer up!

There’s nothing worse than being told to cheer up when you feel like crap! It’s like telling someone with a broken leg to just go and walk it off. The problem is because people can’t see how you’re feeling, it might be stressed, anxious or depressed but people can’t see it. It’s like telling someone in an argument to calm down, because when in history has that ever worked? Next time someone is feeling down, please for the love of god don’t tell them to cheer up; they’re going to hate you if you do.

2, Someone has it worse!

Really? When people are going through a tough time with their mental health they don’t want to hear that someone has it worse! That’s the last thing people want to hear, not only will it make a person feel like crap because they feel that they’re being selfish and you’re making them feel like their problems aren’t worth it and are tiny; whereas the issues a person is going through might be huge to them!

The thing to remember is that if you tell someone their problems aren’t that big and that someone has it worse that’s going to make the person feel real guilty. Like they shouldn’t be worrying about themselves and they should be doing more to help others. The problem with that is, they’re then putting more stress and pressure on themselves. Basically never tell a person who is going through hell that someone has it worse!

3, Don’t use your symptoms as an excuse!

This one I hate for obvious reasons. Someone with a diagnosed mental health condition is going to act differently to the “normal” person would. Take me for example, I have EUPD ( emotional unstable personality disorder) one of my symptoms means I get triggered by smaller things and not so much by the bigger things. So if I get upset over something small that’s because it’s a symptom and not because I’m acting up, I’m just dealing with my mental health.

I’ve been in many situations where someone thinks I’m doing something because I want to and then when I try and explain about my mental health they most of the time don’t care and think I’m making things up. The problem with this is that people have their mind made up before they even say anything so you’re going to have a hard time convincing them otherwise. The best thing to do in this situation is get out of it as soon as possible and try not to get too upset.

So there you have it, 3 phrases I hate and trust me I’ve had them all directed at me on more than one occasion! These things are going to happen and most of the people with mental health that I’ve spoken to have all told me that they’ve experienced at least one of these. The best advice I can give anyone who may find themselves in this situation is to leave and not get too worked up. As always I hope you found this post interesting or helpful. Check out my mental health videos on YouTube and look at my other mental health related posts.


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