Being frugal doesn’t mean you have to give up certain pleasures, I should know. I don’t compramise on what I want, I just frugal the hell out of it. After all you only have one life so you might as well enjoy it and endulge a little! I’m going to let you in on four little things I do that impacts me daily, things that should probably be costly but I make it a lot cheaper!

Before I start, think about the different ways you might be a snob, a brand hoarder or and expensive spender. Keep them in mind and once you’ve read everything have a think if you can maybe change the things you do. Don’t stop buying a certain product but think about how you can save money next time round!

Drinking bottled water

I am guilty of liking bottled water to ordinary tap water, especially because ofthe germs that can be in the pipes, tap and possible limescale! So I buy bottled water. However I frugal the heck out of it. I buy my water in packs at Aldi, 12 bottles will cost me £1.29. That’s mega cheap, I don’t buy the silly smart water for £1 because it’s all basically the same, however I’m still enjoying my bottled water.

Now as I said I don’t like tap water, it’s filled with all sorts of stuff I don’t care for. However when we moved into our new flat some years ago my mum got us a water filter, which I use every single day. I fill it up and when a bottle is empty I’ll refil it with the filtered water and use it again. We also save a fortune in mugs, we hardly ever use them! Little tip that I’ve added into my frugal ways to keep cool in summer post, if it’s scorhing then when you refil the bottle throw it in the freezer so next time you’re melting you can get a freezing cold bottle out to cool your core temperture.

Wearing designer clothing

I’ve never been a brand whore, however I love some designer clothing and shoes. Mainly Nike shoes, I’ve a few and I’m going to tell you how! I shop mainly at Sportsdirect for my shoes, they have so many to pick from at a fraction of the price. I’ve only purchased shoes from the Nike store once and that was because they didn’t have what I wanted in Sportsdirect. Remember if you’re going to use Sportsdirect that you need to go through topcashback so you can earn some money from your purchase!

At the same time I love shopping in charity shops and car boots, although I find a bootsale a lot cheaper these days to be shopping at, you can see why in my why I no longer donate to charity shops post! I find some amazing clothes and at a fraction of the retail price. Sure this option isn’t for everyone but you can save mega money doing so and still looking amazing in the process, after all the only people who are going to know where you purchased something are the ones you tell.

Going on date nights

So I like to be treated, love going out on date nights and have a nice night out! I love going to watch a film and then going for something to eat. Which as you can imagine isn’t cheap! Well I found a way to mega frugal it up! To begin with we have Cineworld cards, which means we only pay £17.99 per month to watch as many films as we want at the cinema, I even go by myself if there’s something I want to see and the other half doesnt! At the same time our cineworld card gives us 25% off at certain restaurants like frankie & bennies and pizza hut!

If you fancy getting your own unlimited cineworld card then you should totally check them out! If you want a free extra month after your 12 months then you should totally use my code and get that free month! Here’s the code: RAF-95TC-21GZ-73VB-41FY

Travelling the world

So travelling on a budget isn’t as easy as you think. There are certain ways you can slim down on costs though! Check out this travelling on a budget post! Also if you fancy finding out how you can save money in the airport check out these nifty airport hacks to save you money!  How do I save money when booking a holiday though? I don’t go to a travel agents! We booked a last minute holiday in 2017 and got told in store that we would never find a deal for under £500! We went home and booked a week holiday to Benidorm in a 4 star hotel for £300! The best part, it was the same company but just online; so if you’re after last minute holidays that don’t cost the earth check out TUI last minute deals!

Now I also create my own holidays, I use skyscanner and so that I can get the best deals. It’s what we did when we went to Bangkok. We spent £900 for two weeks in the Raddison Blu and we overheard people talking about how they spent almost £2,000 for one week! At the same time if you’re using any website to buy anything you should check out Topcashback, it has both and skyscanner on so you can earn while you book that holiday!

There you have it, being a snob and having expensive taste doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on what you love. You can still lead a frugal lifestyle while having fun and enjoying yourself. I love living the good life while saving money and I’m always finding new ways that I can save money while still getting what I want.

I’d love to know what you do that would normally cost others loads but you turn into a frugal fun life choice! Let me know in the comments below and I hope you found this post mega helpful. If you’re a huge online shopper then you should check out my post on how you can get Amazon products at a discounted price!

4 Frugal Ways I'm A Total Snob Everday!



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  1. Great post 🙂 I have to say that I’m in agreement with most of these, especially date night and travel. We are all trying our best to budget but life is for living and these are the things that break up the monotony.
    This year I’ve drastically changed my finances and got out of debt, but I still do a lot of the things I did before, like my smoothie habit and like you, I like nice clothes so I haven’t cut down. I’ve just taken on my side hustle and it has upped my income. As long as I’m covering the cost of the things I like, I can justify my habits 🙂

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