I love to bake, I have my own food blog. I love baking around Chrsitmas as well, the smells and the end result are just amazing. Which is why I wanted to put this post together and celebrate some amazing recipes that I either need to try out of have already tried out this year and feel that I need to shout about them a little! I’m not going to post rubbish recipes so you can be sure that they’re all pretty neat!

So if you’re looking for some Christmas dishes or some yummy christmas cookies even I’ve got them all for you here. I mean who doesn’t love Christmas food, it’s one of the things that makes Christmas so exciting! I’m thinking about doing a Christmas dinner menu which might be quite cool although for now check out the long list of Christmas dessert recipes and bake to your hearts content!

1, Vegan Mixed Spice Christmas Cookies

Loving vegan cooking at the moment, thought these cookies were amazing. Totally one to try out if you’re a lover of cookies and mixed spice and they smell just like I’d expect Christmas to smell! Give them a try and perfect for anyone Vegan or not! I’m always on the look out for more vegan Christmas recipes as well so if you find any let me know!

2, Spectacular Speculaas recipe

I didn’t even know that speculass was a thing, did you know it was a thing. Don’t these look amazing though! I just want to eat them all up and not feel bad for people who didn’t get any! Check out the recipe and maybe try making some yourself.

3, Amazing Alternative Mince Pies!

How amazing are these! I’m trying them at once. I would have never of thought to do a mince pie this way. If you fancy knowing what I’m talking about just click the link above! I can’t wait to try these out, yum!! I do love a Christmas mince pie recipe however this one is so different it’s almost like starting your own Christmas tradition!

4, Cheats Chocolate & Baileys Mousse

Who doesn’t love Baileys! Well I know I do and this mousse is one to die for! This looks like the perfect last minute pudding when you don’t have much time! Totally check it out when you have the chance! I can’t wait to make more chocolate baileys mousse closer to Christmas, maybe a Christmas dessert? You don’t even need to add much baileys if you’re not a fan but this is a yummy baileys recipe either way! There you have it, an easy chocolate mousse recipe with a touch of baileys for good measure!

5, Make your own mixed peel and Cranberry Sauce

Fancy saving some money while making your own mixed peel and cranberry sauce? Check out this post! Super easy to make as well which is super because everyone love saving time and money at Christmas, can’t wait to try it for myself!! Enjoy.

6, Christmas Mince Pies – 11p each

Ever made mince pies for 11p each? Me neither but I’m going to and I can’t wait! Check out this recipe and save so much money by not having to buy shop brought mince pies! Christmas is so much sweeter when you don’t have to spend a fortune! Who needs luxury mince pies when you can save money and enjoy them here!

7, Making cranberry sauce for Christmas

I have a huge thing for cranberry sauce this year and I have no clue why, it’s just soo yummy! Check out this nice little cranberry sauce recipe, I can’t wait to make my own and you need to watch this space to see what I think!! Yummy, cranberry sauce and turkey; it’s begining to look A LOT like Christmas!

8, Slimming world mince pies!!

The pastry for mince pies in this recipe is genius, I would have never thought to of done this myself. They taste super yummy, I’ve tested quite a few so I’m in a great position to tell you that! The mince pie filling is great because the whole thing is slimming world based and I’m not going to get to the size of a house by the time I’m done enjoying them! These hands down beat any luxury mince pies as well, go check them out!


So there you have it some yummy holiday recipes, I couldn’t find any Christmas pudding recipes but when I do I’ll be sure to amend this list! Let me know if you’ve tried any of these xmas recipes and leave in the comments which ones are your favourite. These easy holiday recipes are just what’s needed this time of year, everyone is so buys wrapping up christmas gifts and visiting family, it’s easy to forget the Christmas food dishes! I mean these are some yummy Chrsitmas treats but don’t forget xmas dinner!

I have to say the slimming world mince pies and cranberry sauce recipe are my favourites so far! I’m always on the look out for some tradition Christmas food as well, not to mention Christmas recipes for kids because my younger brother loves to bake in the kitchen as much as I do! Now go forth and enjoy some yummy Christmas baking after all it tis the season to be jolly!

8 Best Christmas Recipes Of All Time!




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