As you may know if you read my posts you will know I only enter competitions via Twitter. I win all sorts of prizes throughout the months as seen through my Monthly Reports. So that means it’s extremely important to make sure I’m at the top of my game! So I have compiled together 8 of my top tips that I use to win more and more through twitter!

1, Don’t just retweet and follow

Retweet and follow competitions are super easy to enter, this means everyone will be doing them. In order to be in with a chance of winning you need to reply as well. I spend a lot of time entering competitions where you are required to reply, even when there is no requirement I will reply anyway; it helps you stand out from every other comper entering!

2, Chat a little!

If a promoter decides to tweet you or reply to your post, make sure you reply! A promoter is more likely to pick a winner who engages with people via twitter. Promoters will sometimes just pick a winner from the comments because tracking all the entries can be difficult so make sure you are memorable and not the same as everyone else, “fantastic prize” will make a promoter cringe and your chances are lowered.

3, Pick a memorable and short username!

At the end of the day a promoter isn’t going to pick a winner who has a long username! Try not to let your username give away too much however. Don’t chuck a hobby in there like the gardener and make sure your age is out of it as well, a promoter might be looking for a winner of a certain age group and if you don’t fit the bill you won’t be getting a prize! If you fancy changing the one you have it’s simple, go to twitter and go through account settings.

4, Be presentable

Make sure you have a nice profile picture! If a promoter hops along to your page because you’ve won and they see an egg and no profile text, you won’t be winning. A promoter wants to see a real person who is going to interact with others, use the prize they are winning and more likely to share with their friends and followers what they have won. Make sure your profile looks good and not like a boring wasteland!

5, Search Twitter.

Loads of people use competition data base and other competition websites for their competitions. Stand out from the crowd! Use #competition and enter some that no other compers are entering. You are more likely to win because they should have low entries. You can try a combination of hashtags, I would also suggest following local and small companies. If they run regular competitions you may be in with a bigger chance at winning. They are also most likely to follow you back, boosting your chances not being filtered as spam by twitter!

6, Turn off notifications!

I turn off notifications on my phone because quite frankly, they get annoying! I no longer get notifications if someone likes or retweets my posts, which is perfect because I have a lot of compers who retweet my tweets which doesn’t result in an entry! All you need to do is go to settings and then notifications to turn them off. I have left it on so I get notified if someone replies to me or tweets me because at the end of the day it is most likely going to be a promoter and I want to make sure I engage with them as much as possible.

7, Download ManageFlitter

ManageFlitter is a website that allows you to unfollow inactive accounts. This is perfect because you only get a certain amount of accounts that you can follow which I believe is 5,000. By cutting away inactive accounts this means twitter is unlikely to identify you as spam and it means that promoters aren’t going to look through your following list and find a bunch of dead accounts!

8, Content!

Make sure you have a stash of gifs and photos at hand. If you can reply with a funny photo or one of yourself or a family member a promoter is going to remember you and your chances of winning go right up! I have to say though I get really annoyed when I see people using the same photo over and over again. If you are entering with the same promoter every week they are going to get bored of it, if they see your face in every tweet when scrolling through your tweets again boring! So make sure you use a variety and stand out from the rest!

So there you have it, 8 simple easy tips to follow if you are wanting to win more while entering twitter competitions. Remember twitter competitions are easy to enter and everyone is doing them. Make sure you stand out and people remember you. Let me know if you follow any of these tips already and how they work for you.

8 Top Tips to winning more through Twitter!



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