You’ve probably seen them everywhere apart from on here, Christmas gift guides. I’m going to introduce you to some of the best Christmas gift guides around, there’s going to be Christmas gifts for men, Christmas gifts for women and Christmas gifts for Children!  So basically if you’re looking for the best Christmas gifts for 2018, look no further! I have to admit I’m terrible with Christmas gift ideas and I always have people asking me what I want for Christmas, yet I never know! That’s why gift guides are so darn helpful!

I have to say I’ve needed to hold myself back, there are so many amazing xmas gifts on this list that I almost went bankrupt and I would have purchased most of the stuff for myself! Anyway lets look at some amazing Christmas gifts ideas 2018 and try not to spend too much!

Christmas Gifts For Dads – Christmas Gift Guide | Dad Edition

Looking for gifts for guys this Christmas, espically dads who always say “I don’t want anything” look no further. I’m in love with so many of the products on this list and I’ve already picked something out that my dad would love! If you’re stuck for a gift for dad this Christmas, totally check this list out! Christmas gifts for men can be difficult as well, I mean other than deodrant and socks what else is there! So if you want Christmas gifts for dad, you know where to look!

Christmas Foodie Gift Guide – The Best Foodies Gift Guide Ready For Christmas

If you’re looking for the perfect gifts for the foodie in your life, look no further. I’m always in the kitchen baking away and looking for new gadgets, spices and flavours that I can get my hands on! Food gifts are all the range this year, or at least they are with me so make sure you check this list out! I love some of these Christmas gifts and want a few myself! Will have to see what Santa brings! I also love the books, cooking manual for men, perfect! So if you fancy some cooking bits when you look for gifts for men totally check this one out!

Christmas Gift Guide For Girls – Christmas Gift Guide for Inbetweener girls 2018

Thankfully I don’t have this issue, my sisters are both grown up and I know what they want. I have a 5 year old brother who I buy for and he always knows what he wants, but hasn’t quite figured out how money works! That’s what makes this gift guide great as well, the bits on it are affordable Christmas gifts and that can be hard to find these days. Normally people end up spending way too much at Christmas and forget about the family aspect, the bits on the gift guide for girls shows that you don’t have to spend a fortune and you can have family time at Christmas at the same time, check it out!

Welsh Gift Guide – Welsh Slate Gift Guide

Love Wales, loved the slate museum and love this gift guide! The other half is Welsh and there are some great gifts on here that I know he’d love. I won’t give away what ones as he might read this! Welsh slate is amazing but that blue slate gin looks devine! If you fancy getting something with a heritage kick this Christmas, have a Welsh Christmas! They even have Welsh slate inspired cheese, think I’m in love! They’d all make amazing Christmas presents so totally check out all the great gifts on this guide!

Christmas Foodie gift Guide – 2018 Christmas Gift Guide for food & drink lovers

Ohhh another food inspired gift guide, if you can’t tell I love food, drink and all things baking! I’m just going to throw it out there though, the Kitchpro frying pan looks amazing and I want one! If you want to know more about what I’m talking about, check the guide! There are some amazing kitchen Christmas presents on here and I want a popcorn maker! These have to be some of the best Christmas gifts I’ve seen so far! Check out this foodie gift guide and you won’t be short on Christmas present ideas that’s for sure!

Gift Guide For Men – 10 Christmas gift ideas for men who are hard to buy for!

Loving this one, mainly because the other half has wanted a dash cam for ages but the one he wanted was almost £300 so this guide totally has a better alternative, I mean who doesn’t want an affordable car dash cam!! I also love the whiskey but have to say the pin badge is so much better! If you’re struggaling at finding gifts for him this year then look no further, literally I wouldn’t have thought of half of these and they’re genius!

Christmas Gaming Gift Guide – A Geek, Gamer and Streamer’s Christmas Gift Guide 2018

So if you didn’t know I love to game, however my Christmas list when it comes to gaming this year only has the Xbox one Crash Bandicoot game on it, so I need more! This geek gift guide has it all, who knew they had a cookbook for geeks! I also NEED a light up superman in my life, although where is Green Lantern! So if you fancy getting some geeky and fun this Christmas, check out this amazing gift guide!

Stocking Filler Gift Guide – Cheap And Thoughtful Stocking Filler Ideas

My final one isn’t so much a gift guide but something even better. Every parent will know the struggle of putting a Christmas stocking together without breaking the bank. After all Santa gets some cool bits but the main presents from the parents and family will be under the tree. This list has some amazing suggestions for some frugal stocking fillers that are still pretty neat and uber cool! Check out this amazing list and don’t break the bank when filling a stocking this Christmas!


So there you have it, so many amazing gift guides for all occasions! If you still need ideas after reading through all that, I can’t help you I’m afraid. Maybe money or a voucher? Remember it’s important that you don’t get into debt at Christmas time just because you feel that you have to give a great gift. As I have told the other half loads of times, I don’t mind what I get as long as we spend the day together. If you are looking for some unique Christmas gifts though, I’m happy to say you have loads to pick from!

Xmas gift ideas all round! I hope you have an amazing Christmas. If you ended up getting anything off these guides or want something off them, let me know in the comments! I’m now off to get a popcorn maker, a new wallet and some whiskey!! IF you still don’t have enough suggestions on what to get the perfect guy for Christmas, check out this ace mens gift guide from Sue Foster!

8 Ultimate Christmas Gift Guides 2018





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