As the August round up worked so well I thought I’d make it a more permanent fixture around here, various blog posts from different bloggers each month; the only rule is it has to be posted within the same month! The blog posts will be about anything and everything which makes this post so fun and amazing! So take a look at the 10 blog posts below and give them all a read, learn new things, get new ideas and have fun!

Mattscafe ~ Slimming World Lemon Chicken Rice Traybake (Syn Free)

So I’m forever trying to lose weight, it just doesn’t want to lose me! So I love trying new slimming world recipes, they taste great and don’t pile on the pounds! This one is mega yummy, I’ve tried it and I’d suggest you give it a go if you’re in the same position as me!

Earning By The Sea ~ Christmas on a Budget!

Well I love Christmas, let that be known. There are some amazing budget friendly tips in here all aimed to help you have a better Christmas, I mean hitting the sales in order to get gifts for Christmas is genius. Hardly anyone goes to boxing day sales to buy Christmas gifts, totally check this post out!

Freefromsquad ~ Vegan Mac & Cheese

This is super yummy, trust me I’ve tried it. The pictures don’t do it justice, I never thought that vegan food could taste so nice but I was wrong. Totally check out the other recipes from the freefromsquad and maybe let me know what you think about them in the comments! Totally try out the mac & cheese though!!

Bee Money Savvy ~ Saving In September

I’m a firm believer or saving money every single month. However there are some nice little tips in here to help save money throughout September, even more so if you’re back to school or have children who are about to start as we all know that can become a little too expensive! Check them out!

Charlotte Musha ~ August 2018 Budget Report

So I’ve never done a budget report so don’t look for one, if you fancy checking one out though start here! Detailed, broken down and real. I had budget reports that have stupid amounts of money because no one in the real world can afford such a life! This budget plan is down to earth and worth a read!

Justice League of America 2001 - 2004 ~ The Series!!

Emma Drew ~ 5 Ways to Make Money on Pinterest

You can make money on Pinterest? I feel like as a blogger I’ve failed not knowing this! If you’re a blogger or self-employed this is the post for you! Who would have thought pinterest could be used for something other than saving recipes or planning a wedding!!

KatyKicker ~ Quick wins to help your car pass its MOT

Anyone else HATE taking their car in for an MOT? Can’t just be me, these tips are genius and to be fair I’ve never thought about doing most of them when the car goes into the garage. So if you have your car going in for an MOT soon check out this post and panic a little less.

David and Donetta ~ Do You Work For Free, Bloggers?

Do you work for free? Informative and eye opening. The amount of times I’ve heard ‘we don’t have a budget but can provide high-res images’ is unreal and David & Donetta really hit the nail on the head in this post, if you’re a blogger and work from home give this post a read!!

The Mini Millionaire ~ The best place for FREE pregnancy samples!!

We all know that having children can be VERY expensive at the best of times, you’re going to be spending huge amounts of money on one human being; it’s going to get tough! Which is why this post is so amazing, bring able to get pregnancy bits for free, who isn’t going to snap that up! Check out the post for more information!

I hope you loved the round up this month, there have been some amazing posts and all I want to do now is go and cook a load of healthier bits as I’m so hungry! If you fancy checking out the August round up post I did then please take a look and find some more amazing blog posts! For now though you’ll have to wait until next month to get your next blog post fix! That should be enough to keep you busy in the meantime!

So you’ll see I did more than 6 this month, I fancied a change and there are so many amazing blog posts out there! IF you’re a blogger and fancy being featured then drop me an email, the more diverse the post the better; want to give my fantastic readers lots of choice!


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