So you might be thinking, it’s a little too late to be writing about Easter Eggs? It’s going to be Halloween before we know it! Well you are probably right, however if you’re anything like me you would have hit the supermarkets this year and got yourself a mega haul of reduced Easter eggs! I must have got about 20 Easter eggs in the sales for my partner and myself! I’m glad the shops have ran out or I would have purchased more!

You might be thinking that I’m mad, how did I lose a stone last month while stuffing myself with Easter eggs? Check out my weight loss report for all that information. I’ll let you into a secret though, I only have half an egg at a time so they last longer and I don’t eat as much! I must admit though I was totally spoilt with choice this year and there were loads left in the sale!

I wanted to make a little post dedicated to the remaining Easter eggs I had left that are still in their boxes, most of them have been taken out their boxes and put in a draw in the fridge. We have a draw each so we don’t get mixed up and it saves SO MUCH room in the kitchen! I’m only going to talk about Cadbury Easter eggs at all, even though I so want to rave about the jelly tots egg because it looked so amazing! I’d also like to know peoples thoughts, do Easter eggs taste better than the normal chocolate on the shelf and why is this? Leave me a comment below on your thoughts!

The Eggs!

Every year since I was 14? I’ve been getting the same Cadbury Cream egg Easter egg, the huge one. I have to admit you’re getting less for your money though. Anyone remember when the small cream eggs used to have two in them and not just the one? Either due to inflation or the fact that they predict by 2022 we would have ran out of chocolate! However yes I always go with the same classic, this year though there seemed to be even more variations and so much choice! Boost Easter eggs, Twirl Easter Eggs!

Is there a point where the Easter egg market needs to be scaled back a little? Is it killing the fun and does it mean we might run out of chocolate before 2022? Well who cares! We are enjoying it now and in the moment right? It doesn’t matter if our kids or grandkids never experience chocolate, because we get to stuff our faces!! Ha!

So personally the Cadbury Cream Egg Easter eggs win every single time for me! I always have a thing for mini eggs this year, after I saw that they contain less calories than other forms of Cadbury chocolate! I want to know in the comments what your favourite Easter egg you got was this year! I don’t think my mind will ever get changed though!

Talking about Easter, keep an eye out for a one of a kind imported chocolate review! Here’s a sneak peak below!

Cadbury USA

The Verdict?!

Easter eggs are amazing, they are fun and yummy. I have to say I prefer Easter egg chocolate more than normal chocolate, after a quick google search and 6 websites later I might have the answer for you! Easter eggs are made months in advance, you’re talking November they’re getting made! So this means they’re sat on the shelf longer and will have a different taste by the time they get into store, unlike the regular bags of chocolates that are made and then sent straight out into shops nation wide! How does this make people feel? That the eggs you buy could have been made 6 months ago!?

Personally I don’t mind, it’s still in date and I can still eat it so what the heck. I’m still going to buy them as long as they’re still for sale and I don’t think many people would even get put off by that fact! No matter what happens Easter is a tradition across the UK that everyone loves and that’s not going to change.

On one last note, I’ve seen a few supermarkets where people have donated eggs to charities and I love this. I try and give to charity whenever I can and lately I’ve come to notice that more charitable work needs to be given to the people at home, I’m talking in the UK and not so much abroad. We have children going hungry and families hardly getting by. What I’m trying to say is at any holiday time, if you can try and donate to a local cause and put a smile on a local persons face, if you can donate one egg to a children’s home even that one child’s whole month could be different thanks to you!

Anyways enough said on that, if you liked this random egg post then great. If you want to check out my other Cadbury posts then please check them out and I hope to bring you some more very soon!

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