Cadbury everyone loves the stuff. I mean who doesn’t like getting a tub at Christmas? Personally the orange and strawberry cream ones have always been my favourite and I will fight you for the last one! While shopping at Tesco recently I came across these quaint little cake bars hidden at the back, I mean you wouldn’t have noticed them unless you was looking for cake or something different.

The cake bars were strawberry cream and orange cream, I couldn’t say no! I mean my favourite chocolate Christmas treats turned into cake?! I was shocked and happy all in a second. I got them home and I couldn’t wait, after all they were low calorie as well and if you’ve never read any of my posts you’ll know I’m trying to lose weight this year so 110 calories for a bit of cake is nothing right!

Well I got them home and I didn’t notice there was only 5 in the pack, bit disappointing because once I opened the pack there was room for at least two more, don’t waste packaging Cadbury, think about the environment a little more! You can still charge £1 a pack, you’ve been charging more and giving less for years so don’t worry about it; we’re all used to it!

Cadbury Cake Bars

Cadbury Roses Cake bar

So I had enough calories left over for one of each at the end of the day! I was over the moon and couldn’t wait! Did I have a healthy snack or grab for the cake, well I went for the cake in a heart beat. I started with the strawberry and then moved onto orange. I’m not going to review both cake bars individually because they have pretty much the same results.

The Review!

Well I have to say I’m a bit disappointed overall! Cadbury you let me down! So when you have the chocolate at Christmas you have the amazing flavour from the cream, well that’s not something that was coming through when I was trying to enjoy my cake bar, which was a big shame because I feel its the unique selling point for the whole chocolate and cake.

In fact I have to say that the cream was totally overwhelmed by the dry, dense cake that you didn’t really notice it at all; like a thing layer you wouldn’t have noticed and you only knew was there because it’s wrote on the box and probably the reason why you brought it! That being said the flavour wasn’t that bad because after all who doesn’t love chocolate?!

So if you’re looking for some Cadbury Roses stick with the chocolates you can buy mostly at Christmas and pass on the cake bars, unless you really like cake that is!

Roses cadbury chocolate cake bars inside

So there you have it! If you found my review terrible and you actually love the cake bars then leave me a comment below! If you agree with me and think they’re okay and not all that then again leave me a comment below! I’m always on the look out for new Cadbury products to try and I’ve actually got my eye on the Freddo range at the moment so you’re going to see a review popping up soon!

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