Every time you go shopping you are given receipts. Useless everyday receipts. Now making money from these receipts may seem a little too good to be true but in fact it is totally possible and easy to do. The beauty of it is that no mater where you shop you are going to earn from every receipt you get!

With Receipt Hog you are able to finally cash in one your unwanted, useless receipts you have hanging around the house and at the bottom of your handbag! Whenever you go shopping all you have to do is snap a picture of your receipt and upload it to Receipt Hog, complete a 10 second survey and watch the coins you earn from every receipt stack up!

Now if you are the type of person to do a huge monthly supermarket shop or just go mad spending as much money as you can, you are able to earn even more! Depending on how much you spend depends on how many coins you earn. For example,

  1. Less than £10 – 5 coins
  2. Between £10 – £50 – 10 coins
  3. Between £50 – £100 – 15 coins
  4. More than £100 – 20 coins

When it comes to the sweepstakes, for every receipt earned you will get one 1 entry. Winners from the sweepstakes are chosen the first day of every month. There are three prizes and a certain number of people who can win the prizes. They are as followed,

  1. 5000 coins = 5 winners
  2. 200 coins = 500 winners
  3. 20 coins = 5000 winners

I am yet to win big on the sweepstakes but I have my fingers crossed. Receipt Hog allows you to upload receipts from a whole range of shops. Below is a list of just a handful of shop types that you can use receipts from,

  1. Supermarkets and other grocery stores
  2. Off licenses
  3. Health Shops
  4. Bargain/discount store
  5. Pet Shops
  6. Toy Shops

Money! When it comes to how much you can earn it varies. Receipt Hog gives you the option to either change your coins into PayPal cash or Amazon vouchers. The minimum needed for a £3 voucher at Amazon is 1000 coins. Whereas the minimum needed for £5 cash in your PayPal account is 1500. So imagine winning the 5000 coins on the sweepstakes!

It really is that simple! Now of course Receipt Hog isn’t going to be for everyone. In fact a lot of people tell me that they just don’t have the time to do such frugal tasks, great it means you can ask them for their receipts and use them yourself. When it comes to Receipt Hog I like to keep all of my coins in one place until November comes around and then I have a nice little pay out ready for Christmas! If you womble you can also use receipts found and earn more coins! So good luck.

Cashing in on useless receipts with Receipt hog!

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