If you find yourself collecting receipts and throwing them in the bin the first chance you get, you really need to read this post. If you haven’t done so already I would suggest checking out my Receipt Hog post, which is another app that can be used at the same time as the one I’m about to tell you all about!

Starting with Shoppix

1, Download the Shoppix app on your app store.
2, Register to the app using this referral code 06JFUC08.
3, Grab your receipt, hit the camera button at the bottom and start snapping.

How does shoppix work?

So just like the receipt hog, you snap your receipts and upload them for points that you can later turn into rewards. The best part about it all is that you can upload the same receipt onto both apps. Although that being said Shoppix gives you a few more rewards than Receipt hog does. One example would be the fact that you get extra points on Shoppix for time, if you upload your receipt really quick you’ll get extra points as shown below.

Another plus point to Shoppix is that you can take part in surveys to earn yourself extra tokens or points as I call them. The surveys don’t hang around and they pop up randomly so if you’re looking to make some extra tokens when you’re not uploading receipts, complete them while they’re there!

Shoppix app

So along with everything I’ve just said, there’s more. You can also win scratchcards. I’m not quite sure how mind you, I just like it when they appear, you can win a whole number of tokens although sometimes you might not win anything. The best I’ve won so far is 100 tokens and remember, everything adds up!

What rewards you can get from shoppix

You can get numerous amounts of rewards from your tokens. You can get vouchers from Amazon, iTunes, Love2Shop and PayPal. Below is a list of how much you need for each!

1, 3,200 tokens = £5
2, 6,000 tokens = £10
3, 11,500 tokens = £20

It may seem like a lot of tokens, trust me when I started I was a little worried I would never get there! However after time you start building up tokens without even realising it! If you’re taking part in the surveys as well and winning on scratchcards they add up even faster! I started a couple of months ago and I almost have enough for £10.

It might take you all year to save up for a £20 voucher although if you’re just snapping receipts that you would otherwise throw away, it’s free money! My suggestion would be to save up all your tokens in both apps. When it gets to November, cash out and use them for Christmas gifts. It means you get to spend less of your hard earned money and have a more relaxing Christmas with less stress.

Of course this isn’t for everyone. Sometimes I totally forget or I just can’t be bothered to snap a receipt as I’m too busy. I’ll kick myself after of course because that could have been more towards my target! If you know you have the determination to stick by it throughout the year and really see your progress grow, do it!

I would also like to point out that if you like to go wombling, you can snap all the receipts that you’ve found. Although you can only snap one per store on the same day so don’t go getting 50 out of a bin and trying to upload them all because you’re going to get caught out!

Cashing in on your used receipts with Shoppix!


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