Shopping can be expensive, especially food shopping. Hopefully you will have read some of my other posts such as best before foods or money saving apps? If not I would suggest you hop on over and have a look as there are so many helpful tips! I am once again bringing you another money saving food app that anyone can access on their smart phone! CheckoutSmrt. Easy to download and easy to use!

Just like Shopmium, CheckoutSmrt brings you deals. The deals can be the same as the other two apps although once in a while you will find a hidden gem that saves the day. Which is why I keep all three on my phone! Keeping all three on your phone just ensures you can maximize the amount of money saved.

How to use.

1, So first things first, head on over to the app store and download. The app is totally free and shouldn’t cost you a penny. Once downloaded just head on over to the app and sign up, you want to have an account so you can collect all that lovely cash back at the end of the day! Okay so you have downloaded the app and you are ready to start checking out the deals! Just like other apps you are able to filter what stores you want to see deals from. I always look at Tesco as I feel there happens to be more deals for this particular store! Once you have scrolled through the different deals remember to write them down or screenshot them onto your phone. I say this because some stores have terrible service and you don’t want to lose the deals because of this!



2, So let us say you have gone and purchased the items that you want. The process to claim back the items is a a lot easier than you would think. Just click on an item and press the big red circle that should say claim. You can then follow the instructions that should be, pick a store, what day you purchased the items and then pick from the drop down list for the items you purchased. Then all you have to do is snap a picture of your receipt, always keep receipts in case there are any problems. After you have done this you just need to wait for a confirmation email.


3, So you should have uploaded your receipt and hopefully got a confirmation email. Now either way you need to keep a little eye on your account through the app. As you can see below my account balance has £5.58 at the moment. If you have £20 or more you don’t need to worry about paying a fee to get your money out, anything under £20 incurs a fee. Although this can be a pain it doesn’t matter to myself, I love to save it all up for Christmas! So keep an eye on your balance and make sure it is topping up!


So there you have it!

CheckoutSmrt is an amazing way to save money for Christmas and save money on food all year round. I would highly recommend the app to anyone trying to cut back on their food budget, I would also recommend using all three apps in conjunction and if you have a partner or friend take them along with you. Means you can double up on stuff while there. If you have the time and patience then have a look if the same item is on all three apps and get three receipts! I didn’t tell you that though!

CheckoutSmrt, save money on your food shopping!

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