Childrens Books

Some books have been gifted, that being said if they are rubbish they aren’t on this list! 100% my own, honest views!

I’m an avid reader and I don’t think I could ever read enough. There’s one thing I try and do and that’s getting my younger brother to read as much as possible. I feel that getting children reading books is a much better life skill than them playing the next game or being glued to YouTube for 4 hours a time!

Below is a list of books that have made the cut onto this page. I’m not going to lie, I’ve given my brother tons of books over the years and as he grows up he’ll get more complex books that are for older children. I’ll make sure I put a recommended age that I think is appropriate with the books below!

Tiger in Trouble – Jess Butterworth 

Tiger In Trouble by Jess Butterworth

I love a book with an actual story! I’ve read books for children that will be about building a sandcastle and then going home after a hard day and it’s boring. I think it’s really important to teach children the importance of treating animals right and this book does it fantastically.

This book doesn’t just teach children to care for each other and animals but also encompasses values such as the importance of trust, having patience and taking responsibility for one’s actions and at the same time still being fun.

This book is aimed towards children 7+ and I’d say that’s right on the mark. It’s advanced enough so it’s challenging and interesting enough to keep a child interested. My brother is 8 at the time of reading this, he found it enjoyable and easy to read. I know every child is different but it’s an example. You can find more from Jess right here!

Pablo At The Zoo

I love this book, that’s all. Well, there’s more. It’s an amazing story that teaches children that no matter how lost and alone you feel, you’ll still find your way back to the people who love, support and make your world better no matter who they are. I feel that’s something children need to know, now more than ever.

I can’t recommend this book enough, it warms the soul. I would like to also point out that Pablo at the Zoo isn’t the only Pablo book so make sure you check out the others. If you’ve got children I’d recommend getting them a bundle and helping them get ready for life ahead!