Doughnab Christmas gift guide

Childrens Christmas Gift Guide 2019

*Items in this gift guide may have been gifted for review, contains affiliate links

If you have children this year and you’ve got no idea what to get them, I have a few suggestions that might be what you’re looking for. I feel that Children can be difficult to buy for, you always get a long list with thousands of items and costing hundreds and thousands! I’ve compiled this list, the prices vary and aren’t going to break the bank!

Foodie Roos

If you’re thinking about something a little different this Christmas, let me introduce you to Foodie Roos! The incredible toy that smells like it says. My younger brother loved the soda one, he said it smelled amazing. The thing I love about these, the packaging doubles into their house so it has minimal waste! You can get all sorts of Foodie Roos although I would say the Cookies Foodie Roo looks amazing!

DVD Collection

If you’re looking for a family film to sit down to this year I’d suggest The Secret Life of Pets 2 or you can jump into the Magical Ultimate Holiday Collection to watch all your favourites. Who doesn’t love some amazing entertainment on Christmas day, whether it is before, during or after all the food!

Fuzzikins School Pop-up Playset

Fancy something for your child this year that they can get stuck into? This Fuzzikins School Pop-up Playset is the thing you need! Each character can be coloured and customized however the child wants and the playset is the perfect way to capture the imagination! It looks amazing, doesn’t cost a fortune and any child would love this at Christmas!

Stocking Filler Plasters

Stockings can always be a pain to fill, children are always getting into accidents, what better thing to put in their stocking than plasters?! These character plasters are the best, my little brother loves the paw patrol plasters and they have a more positive effect on children when they can be related on a personal level to something that’s making them feel better. What I’m saying is get some cool plasters and stick them in your child’s stocking!

Chicco Next2moon Projector

This perfect crib extension will project stories in colour around the room, it’s the perfect gift for a young child who is in their developing stages and still growing. No fancy barbie dolls or big race tracks, but something that will help them fall asleep with nice dreams!

Dough Nab!

I love this game, not just because it’s all about doughnuts but that’s one of the reasons! It’s a fun game, looks amazing and brings hours of fun! It’s like a game of snap with twists and the best thing at the moment the Dough Nab game is only £14.99 so it hardly breaks the bank!

Christmas Presents

I’ve hopefully given you some ideas to think about, I will say that Christmas is a time to be with family and loved ones so don’t get into debt for the sake of a couple of gifts. That’s one of the reasons that gifts range in price on this list so that there’s something for everyone to enjoy and everyone can afford.

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