Does anyone else hate getting spots? I mean I know I do and whenever I get them it’s too late and I have to wait forever for them to vanish! I really need to work on preventing them. I see all the adverts on TV and think oh maybe I should be doing that! I then start looking into the products and I just think meh, they could be a little bit better. I don’t mean mixed reviews because I feel everything these days have mixed reviews.

I like my products if possible to be a little more green, leading the way. Something that isn’t tested on animals and although I might not be one but I do love vegan products. Which is why I love Clarol so much. Vegan and free from testing on animals. So after chatting with the lovely people at Clarol I got my hands on some of the products, which in turn got all over my face!

I had a few questions for the brand of course, I wouldn’t be true to myself if I didn’t ask a list of questions. I found that the process is a very hygienic one and I was informed that the seal process is actually un-environmental friendly which is why they focus more time on their hygiene, rather than making the product look like all the others on the shelf!

So I got the Clarol Sebopure, Clarol silver & Birch exfoliating wash and skin flora re-balancing serum. I must admit they all sound a bit posh and fancy. If I hadn’t looked into them I wouldn’t have a clue what they were, which is why I’m going to give you a paragraph for each so you know what they are!

Clarol Sebopure

This is the stuff you need if you find your skin prone to spots, or acne as it’s called. Acne is basically produced from excess sebum. When the sebum hits the skin, you get spots! Not something that you want every day. The Sebopure in a nut shell purifies the sebum, meaning you’ll hopefully be getting a lot less spots, perfect! The Sebopure works with your skin, unlike the leading products in the shops which fight against your skin, not really helping.

Clarol silver & Birch exfoliating wash

Now this acne battling exfoliating wash works in four simple steps, steps you can find on the website using the link above. However I’m not going to bore you with the scientific details. In a basket, the wash works the clear your skin. The wash helps keep your skin clean and clear, preventing any acne from popping up when you don’t want them to. The wash will also help to keep your skin smooth, free of pesky bumps and lumps!

Clarol skin flora re-balancing serum

Now for my favourite, adult acne. Thankfully not something I have to deal with on a daily basis but when it happens, I know about it! This serum is going to help eradicate the bad bacteria on your fresh adult faces. Making sure that acne stops, preventing most of the break outs that occur. This really is my favourite product from the three!

Do I like them?!

Yes, thank you. I should probably talk a little more about why I like them? Well the fact they aren’t full of so many chemicals thanks to the products being vegan is a huge thing for me. I wouldn’t want my dinner sprayed with a load of chemicals before I devour my plate full of food. Why would I want to plaster my face full of it as well? Of course they aren’t tested on animals as well, I love fluffy bunnies; they shouldn’t be wearing lipstick!

A little disclaimer, everyone is different. Next time you go out try your shape of lipstick or your hair product on 12 different people. I bet they won’t all look the same right? Well it’s no different here. I hear people talk about how a product doesn’t work, well it might not have worked on you but it might work on the person sat next to you on the bus. It’s just the way life goes, if it doesn’t work for you I’m sorry but don’t give up, there will be something out there for you!

So the price, I was a little worried at first; I’ll be honest about it as well. £11.95 – £12.95, that’s how much one of these products is going to cost you. I was a little worried sure, after using them however I can see why. For starters there are so many reasons as to why they are so amazing so I already don’t mind the price but at the same time I find they actually work which is the main thing. I would happily buy them again and again and I think they make a nifty little gift for any teenager!

So there you have it. Got a face full of acne, it doesn’t have to be your face I suppose anywhere on your body that has acne, backne? I would recommend Clarol for sure, I haven’t had any on my face since trying them so I take that as a good sign towards the product. I’d also like to point out that compared to some vegan products these smell 100% better!

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