Shopping can be expensive, even more so when it comes to food shopping! It doesn’t matter if you shop every week or once a month, you still need to watch what you spend and make every penny count. If you think about it the average household must spend thousands a year just on their monthly food bill, not to mention all the take away on top!

Although food shopping can be expensive there are ways you can save. Every day people are saving money on food buy using simple apps on their phones. Yes this means you basically get money back on any qualifying food and you still get to enjoy everything you buy 100%, no catch! So let me talk you through ClickSnap so you can start to save, today!


ClickSnap is an app ran by Quidco, if you don’t know about Quidco check out my blog post and find out all you need to know. I find ClickSnap to be the easiest to use and in my opinion it gives you the most amount of offers at any one time. The offers that are shown on the app change all the time, sometimes daily. So if you do a weekly household shop there will hopefully be new offers for you to take advantage of every week! Check out how to use the app below, note if you have an existing Quidco account you can link ClickSnap to it.

How it works?!

1, As you can see below I have filtered the supermarkets so that I am only getting results from Tesco, it shows me that there are 19 different offers at the moment and then gives me the amount of cashback I will receive when I upload the receipt.

2, So once you have picked your products you want to go and buy and have purchased them you move onto step two. Step two is simple, all you have to do is go to upload receipt and follow the instructions on screen. Hint: Make sure your receipt is as flat as possible and that the lighting is bright enough so the writing on the receipt is clear.

3, Number three happens to be the most simple step of them all. Once you have uploaded your receipt the money should be in your account within 3 days. It normally only takes a maximum of 24 hours but can sometimes be longer. Keep an eye on your account and watch your money grow. You can keep tabs on your account through the app.


So after all of that you have the money back from your purchases. You can take this money out after hitting a certain amount. I use a few apps so be sure to check out my other blog posts for even more ways on how to save money while doing your food shop! I tend to keep the money in the account and use it towards Christmas, the way I look at it is I would have spent the money anyway so I might as well cash in at Christmas!

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