Stress can happen all the time, it doesn’t matter who you are. I deal with stress everyday and know a thing or two about battling it when I get the chance. You’ll find that most people who have diagnosed mental health as well will know the terrors that come with great amounts of stress, the more you have to deal with the more that it can effect your mental health conditions.

You may have seen my post on the three ways that I deal with Anxiety? This is a little different though, there are loads of ways to combat stress and it would take me weeks and several hundred blog posts to talk about them all. I wanted to talk about one of the most effective ways that I use though.

Adult Colouring Books

Adult colouring books. They have been around for a while now and personally I think they are so overlooked and underappreciated. I hear people discuss the benefits although mental health and stress rarely get spoken about. Sure adult colouring books are amazing for traveling and can take up hours of a long flight so you’re not worried about flying or bored stupid. Adult colouring books are so much more than that though.

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As you’ve seen above I got my very own colouring books although these pack a whole lot of style! It depends if you prefer to colour with pencil or if you would prefer marker books? Either way the Colorista range has everything you could want. So I spoke about style, these pads come with amazing foil effects which look amazing. Whenever I’m stressed I like to surround myself with nice things, calm and tidy. These books are amazing for that and if you’re like me I’d recommend them!

Some people though prefer to be able to feel stuff, it calms them down being able to connect with something helps to ground them. This is a perfect technique if you find yourself getting angry when you get stressed and it brings you back to reality. If you get one you’re going to find out what I’m chatting about. They feel super amazing and really distract me, like a child distracted by shiny things!

Spectrum Noir Colorista Colour Books

If you deal with stress on a daily basis, or weekly I would recommend checking out adult colouring books. Sure you can get some pretty basic ones online for pennies but I’ve tried them, they fall apart and the designs are mega boring. I want to be kept engaged when I’m trying to calm down or the frustration takes over and that isn’t the key to overcoming stress!


If you fancy being a little more creative and not keeping in the lines I would suggest art. I’ve almost mastered a face! It’s taken a couple of months but I’m getting there. That’s the best thing about mental health, everything that you can accomplish along the way. Thanks to mental health my art skills have improved and I’ve wrote so many more blog posts about helping to deal with mental health!

Adult colouring books, they are great for stress but that’s not all. Do you ever wish you could go for a walk and clear your head but it’s raining or you’re feeling lazy? Well when you’re colouring your mind escapes to lands you’d have never thought possible, you think about so much and you can plan so much as well. I normally have a note book at hand and write down any inspirations that come to mind or blog ideas that I must remember. What’s more is your senses are multiplied with these books and they really get the creative juices flowing! So make sure you check out the Crafters Companion website for more art filled fun!

I’ve said too much! I’m going to go do some colouring after this post has inspired me! Like I said before, check out the colouring books and try and stay stress free, I know it’s not easy but we can always try and combat it in the mean time!

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