So obviously I haven’t won a single thing in 2018 yet, not good as its 10th January 2018! I do have exams though which is why I’ve been writing about revising for university exams! That being said I feel that 2018 is the year for competitions. I can’t guarantee that I’m going to win every month because entering competitions is a game of luck. I am looking forward to making some new YouTube videos however.

You may have seen my post a few months back about how and why I enter competitions, well this year I’m going to be switching it up a little. I want to talk about all the different ways that you can enter competitions, not just through Twitter which is the main way I have until now been entering competitions. Also other posts and resources that you might need to ensure you start winning more competitions!

You will have saw my post ages ago about why taking breaks from competitions is beneficial, I still believe that. If you’re finding that you are spending way too much time entering competitions and getting nowhere, take a break. Take a look at some blog posts, research a little more and then give them a go.

I’ve had a few encounters in 2017 with rouge competitions and companies that weren’t following the rules. I’m going to be letting you know what you should be doing if you come across this, competitions should be fun and not a burden so it’s up to the public to pull up huge companies when they’re in the wrong and as I’ve seen, trying to scam the public with false promises.

So there you have it, watch this space for more competition blog posts and keep an eye out for more YouTube content over the coming year, if you follow my YouTube I don’t just talk about competitions so who knows what you might enjoy!

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