Competitions and how they save me cash!

I talk to a lot of people and they always tell me that they win nothing, they enter competitions and have no luck. I always used to think the same before I started playing the game! Yes entering competitions is a game, a game that you will only win if you are determined. Determined to not only win amazing prizes but at the same time save hard earned cash! Companies are forever setting up new competitions, all over the place. You just need to know how and when to enter.

Why I enter?

So you might be thinking why should you waste time and effort entering competitions? So far this month I have won so amazing prizes. Prizes that will be put away, away ready for Christmas! You see I enter competitions so that I can stock up on Christmas presents all through the year and this way it lowers the overall Christmas cost! Like I said, I enter competitions to save me money!

Of course I enter competitions for other reasons, I love winning something for myself. I recently won a peeler set from Joseph & Joseph which have gone straight into my kitchen cutlery draw! They are fantastic! At the same time you can win a whole range of vouchers, vouchers such as Love2Shop, which are perfect to put away for food shopping. Last week I spent £50 worth of Love2Shop vouchers in Iceland and have full up freezers for the month! Another way to save you money when you need to!

Where to find these competitions?

So you might be thinking, where do I find these competitions? Well some people will tell you that you should be searching for them in Google. I don’t. There are many websites such as Prize finder, Money Saving Experts, the only one I use however happens to be Competition Database. On Competition Data base you have all the competitions you can think of, literally hundreds. You also have a handy chat function where you can speak to other people who enter competitions (compers). If that isn’t enough, you also find out who has won previous competitions.

You can search on Google and other browsers. You could even spend ages going through blogs, Facebook and other social media websites just to find these competitions. Having them in one place however is so much easier!

What competitions are there and which are best?

When it comes to which are best, that depends on the person. I prefer entering competitions through Twitter. Every singles competition I have ever won has been through Twitter. However I was speaking to someone else who told me that they have won nothing through Twitter and always win through blogs. It all depends on the person. In my personal opinion I would say that Twitter competitions are the best and I have the highest success rate through them.

There are many different ways that you can enter competitions however. Taking Twitter for example, you go to the competition post and follow the person who is holding the competition. At the same time you retweet and like the post, if you have the time leave a comment as well. You can also enter competitions through Instagram and Facebook, the procedure for doing so is very similar. If you are entering through a blog post then you will most of the time be entering through RaffleCopter or Gleam depending on who the blogger has used. They are easy and will tell you everything you need to do on the page.

What success have I had?

Well this year so far I have won 23 times and hopefully counting! If you are curious to see everything that I have won check out my YouTube for my monthly competition wins video. My best prize to date has to be the Rick Steins cookbook that I won through Twitter comp from a pair of amazing bloggers who can be found at Food & Baker! I wanted it for my partner, didn’t hold out much hope because loads of people had entered and while I was on holiday, I won! I was over the moon!

Tips and Advice?

So the one thing I would say is that if you are going to enter through social media, make sure you set up a comping account. I would also advise keeping the profile up to date and having continuous content on there that isn’t just to do with competitions, without doing this your account may be suspended.

For more hints and tips I would recommend reading Di Cokes book because I everything I know I learned from there! If you have a kindle and you buy the book you can drop Di an email and get the kindle version for free! Check it out.

Competitions, Why I Enter and How They Save Me Money!

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