Most people these days would have heard of contactless payments, it’s basically the way of life now and most if not all cards come with the function to use it. Banks advertise it, shops love it because it means customers are moving through the tills faster, no matter how many sodding items may be in the bagging area! I got to wondering though, it contactless payment really all its cracked up to be or is it destroying our banks accounts and killing our budgets?!

So while sat there watching some terrible adverts selling us even more crap we don’t need I thought I would share my thoughts on contactless and go through the pros and cons of the one simple action which costs you hundreds a month!

My Thoughts?

So I was thinking about this today at university. The only time I think about how much I am spending on my card is when there happens to be a minimum charge to use it. I mean back in the day it used to be £5, of course it’s only a couple pound now and times are changing for the better, right? I quickly swiped my card and away I went!It wasn’t till I sat down I actually wondered how much I had actually spent, I wasn’t even provided with a receipt, a thing a lot of shops have started doing these days!

So I must stress that contactless can kill your bank account, you have no idea how much you are actually spending and it’s so easy you can spend in seconds. The only time you really know what you are spending is when the item has a high price tag, this is how I feel anyway. Smaller priced items start adding up, especially if you aren’t paying attention! So there’s the major con in my view.

Now on the flip side I have to say contactless can be amazing, forgetting that fact that you could unknowingly spend hundreds a month. If you’re in a hurry like I find myself to be in contactless saves loads of time. With a quick swipe you’ve paid and you can leave with your shopping. You can save a couple of minutes here and there every day. You might not think a couple of minutes sounds worth it but after you add that up from a whole week you’ve easily saved an hour or two which can be spent doing much more!

So there you have it, a major con and a major pro o contactless payments. I have to say I’m on the fence big time when it comes to contactless. I think that people need to be more aware of how much they are actually spending although if you’re in a hurry this isn’t always easy to do. It’s being in a hurry though which makes contactless so worth it, confusing right!

I will say that shops need to start giving receipts however and stop denying them or waiting to be asked, they get printed out the same and I kind of feel that it’s a way shops are making sure you can’t ask for a refund because you don’t have proof of purchase! Have you ever had any problems with contactless? Do you get super annoyed like me that you can only use it a few times before you have to use your pin? Who remembers their pin these days!!

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