So if you know me you’ll know that I don’t normally let my facial hair grow that long, it is however Movember which means men stop shaving for the month. The idea behind Movember is to raise money for mens health issues, such as prostate cancer; a great cause. Even if you’re not able to raise any money I still believe that you should give no shaving a go, it helps the people who are raising money get noticed more and it’s the team spirit!

So I went without shaving, what did I find out about having facial hair. It scratches a little and it feels weird to start with. Sure you find all these sexy guys with beards and stubble and they look amazing right? They’ve probably had all that facial hair for some time though and are used to how it feels, which I have to say does happen.

After the past few weeks of having mass amounts of hair on my face than I’m used to I have to say I’ve started getting used to the feel, I’ve used conditioner on it which I’ve not had too much success with so I’m hoping to bring you some cool beard/ facial hair related products next Friday to help you all out on the facial hair mission.

If anyone knows of any male facial hair products for conditioning or anything like that then I’d love to know so leave me a little comment at the bottom! I’d also love to know if anyone was able to raise anything for Movember, as I’ve said before it’s an amazing cause.

louis with facial hair

So you may have noticed I’ve kept this post short this Friday and or good reason. I didn’t want to waffle on about how good I think I look with a bit of stubble, or how it feels. No I’m going to leave that for now and if I get some nice nifty products to showcase I’ll talk more about that then.

I wanted to highlight Movember, if you happen to be thinking about it then get yourself ready for next year like I will be. I’m going to try and raise money next year and I hope everyone ca support me!

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