So as promised a Bearded Gift Guide for us Guys. Unless you’re a lady, if so get a guy you know something from this list! I’ve been sent a few bits over the last couple weeks and wanted to really showcase them all, sure I’ve done little reviews for them but I felt that I needed to bring them altogether in a nice post and show you everything!

So I wanted to make sure the products were all items that I would use myself so I only accepted products that I would put on my face or products that I would give to others, I turned down a couple that were too expensive or just not my cup of tea. I’d like to stop talking however and kick it off!

~ Shaving with Nivea,

I love a bit of Nivea, their post shave balm is amazing. I mean I hate the way my face feels after I shave and after using a little bit of the balm my skin feels at ease. I’d totally recommend it if you haven’t already tried it! So although my other half goes through the spray cans like the world is ending, I like the facial hair products they have on offer, they’re better suited for myself and I actually use them, so it’s amazing when I get some for Christmas!

I travel a lot and I have to say I was over the moon when I got this set, the travel mirror is everything; life goals!! I’m not sure how many hotels I’ve stayed in where I have to stand in a weird position just to shave, this mirror means you’re able to shave whenever and wherever you want! Quick touch up on a commute to work or a long drive to visit the family; perfect.


The set also has shaving foam and the amazing post balm I said about! I mean I can’t praise the stuff enough and I don’t want to sound like a total weirdo, if you haven’t tried it; do so! The set looks like it would set you back £20+, ha! You should know by now that if I can save money, I will. The actual RRP for the product is £12! It can be found on Amazon for £9.99 although you do have postage to factor in. A perfect gift for Christmas though!

~ Care for the face!

I got sent a couple of amazing face scrubs, that I’ve used a few times since getting them. I’m going to talk about two in particular. I’m talking about these two because they stand out and certainty hit the top spot! Let’s start with SOHO JOE London! , just because it’s the runner up in my eyes; sorry! I love the fact that it proudly states on the bottle that 95% are natural derived ingredients. The face scrub feels epic on the skin and you can actually feel it cleaning, weird right? It does feel really nice though and leaves the skin leaving nice and smooth after.

I want to point out, yes this is a bearded gift guide. I wanted to highlight the fact that actually having facial hair can look and feel amazing. That doesn’t mean you buy loads of beard products and forget about your skin and face! The beard might make you look rugged, but if you have bad skin because you aren’t taking care of it; not good!

That being said, we do have a winner out of the two, T-Zone face scrub! A brand you may have heard of before and maybe not tried? I was in the same boat, not anymore. Charcoal and Bamboo isn’t something I can say I’ve ever thought about trying but I’m really glad I have. The texture of the face scrub is rather unique! The scrub itself is deep cleansing with ingredients such as grapefruit extract!

T-Zone Face Scrub

So I’m guilty, I love getting it all over my skin and I’m glad I did. Some people might call it wasteful but to be honest I can feel the stuff working and it feels satisfying when it comes off. My skin feels amazing after and I can’t promote the stuff enough. I almost forgot to say, the face scrub smells amazing! If there is something that I would say that Soho Joe has over T-Zone would be the colour scheme, I like the blue a lot more!

~ Nadur, Celtic Brew Beard Conditioner!

I’ve been looking for some amazing beard conditioner for ages and when I got sent this I was over the moon! I mean it’s amazing stuff, let me tell you why I wanted it first of all. Growing facial hair might seem easy, wait a couple of days and bam there it is! If you want to keep it up though you might notice a few things, like the fact that its prickly and can be a little painful at times. Which is why beard conditioner is so important, or at least it is to me!

So the Celtic brew conditioner, first impressions I have to admit I was a little worried. If you can get passed the really strong smell however you’ll be fine. I must point out that the smell isn’t a bad one; just a little too strong for me. That being said just make sure you don’t use loads of it when applying it to your stunning facial hair.

I’ve had the stuff for a week now, I’ve been using it every day and I must point out that my hair is a little softer. I would also say that you will need to use it longer than a week and frequent if you want to benefit from the long lasting effects it brings. I’ve added a picture of how it comes because I feel that it would make an amazing gift, maybe not something I would initially go out and buy myself, something I would love as a gift though!

NADUR beard conditioner

There you have it, only a couple of weeks before Christmas and I’m bringing you a perfect little gift guide for guys with facial hair. Someone doesn’t need to have a full on beard to benefit from these gifts however; they still look amazing under the tree at Christmas or stacked up in a pile on someones birthday!

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