You may have seen the Christmas #FoodBankAdvent campaign. Check out these posts from Mattscafe, KatyKicker and UKMoneyBloggers. However I’m here to tell you something else, just like a dog; the homeless or people in need aren’t just for Christmas. In fact they are all year round, who would have thought it?

Don’t get me wrong, I did the food bank advent and loved it because I got all festive. The previous few years though I’ve been donating to a homeless shelter down the road and never thought about talking about it. Now that it’s out there though I want to take the opportunity to really talk about it and not just forget about it after Christmas, although I hope it happens every Christmas!

So you know how there happens to be like 365 days in the year? When I was younger I thought there was like 20 or something so it’s news to me. I buy so much stuff throughout the year, stuff for meals that I never get around to cooking. Loads of other bits that get chucked to the back of the wardrobe as well. I cleared out a whole load of it in 2017, re gifting and donating of course.

Shall I just get to the point already? I mean I’m boring myself. In a nutshell donate all year, Easter, Valentines day and even Halloween. I’m not saying rush off out and spend £20 down your local supermarket and drop it off at the food bank on your way home, I mean if you’re not going to miss the money….. I’m saying if you have a load of stuff in you cupboard that you’re not going to use and you catch yourself thinking about throwing it away; FOOD BANK!


I find that myself personally, I have loads of food left over in the flat after Christmas. Boxes of chocolates, crisps and all sorts. I took a load of stuff down to the food bank this week because at the end of the day January can be a bitch of a month and I know most people I know have hardly any money after the Christmas period and boxing day sales. So if you can donate in January that would be ace.

So I feel like I’ve told you that you need to go out and donate. Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t because at the end of the day everyone is just trying to get by, you’re doing an amazing job and I have faith that will continue throughout the year, whatever year it is you find yourself reading my stuff!

SIDE NOTE ~ If your child had thousands of toys for Christmas and a whole bunch of them got thrown behind the sofa because they really aren’t ever going to use them, there’s always some. Donate them or take them to a charity shop, well charity shops can be a little expensive so maybe donate them for the families that can’t afford them!

Enough from me, if you have donated this year already hats off to you; let me know what you managed to give. It’s fine if donating is a little selfish as well, I do it to clear my cupboards! I have more space and help people, in this instance being selfish pays off.  I’d also like to say I did love the #FoodBankAdvent campaign, just in case this post comes across off?

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