I don’t know about others but I find myself spending online at least once a month. After a busy month I end up spending at least £50-£100 online and it’s crazy. That’s why I love Quidco so much, I can still spend but at the same time I get a little back. If you haven’t used Quidco before I would suggest you get your butt on over there and check it out.

Quidco is super easy to sign up,  you need to have a PayPal in order to use Quidco although creating an account is super easy and doesn’t take much time at all! Having a PayPal account means you will be able to get quick and easy payments when you have enough sat in your Quidco account.

Quidco currently has thousands of different brands and companies linked with them. If you have a favourite shop they are most probably on Quidco waiting to give you the cashback that you deserve. I always use Quidco when I shop at Jacamo, it’s my favourite place to get mens clothes and they are nice and cheap compared to high street prices. On top of that I then get cashback, You can get 8% cashback with Jacamo at this current moment in time!

If unlike me you do your grocery shopping online, you’re in luck! I personally shop at Tesco every month and If I needed to I would be able to hop on over to Quidco and click on the link through their website and do my online shopping. It’s important that you click the link through the Quidco website if you want to get the cashback because of cookies or something….. Check out the example below to search.

Quidco not only lets you shop around so that you can find the websites you want to earn cashback from but at the same time they give you the latest and best cashback deals at the current moment! They have an amazing support system that I have used on various occasions and your ClickSnap account easily links to your Quidco profile so all your ClickSnap money will end up in there or PayPal.

Not only can you earn by shopping online but you can also register your bank card and earn while you shop in store. I must admit the places you can shop in store are rather limited than online but the more cashback you earn the better it is down the line! I would suggest downloading the app. I was in a store once and purchased a new washing machine, although instead of just buying it there I went through the Quidco app and ordered it to be collected, I then walked over to the collection desk and picked up my order! A few minutes messing about on my phone and I had the washing machine I wanted and cashback in my account. It really is worth it sometimes!

It doesn’t matter what you are buying online, if you can get cashback it’s money back in your pocket! If you already use cashback what’s the biggest sum you have gotten back? Mine so far has only been £8 but I’m getting better!

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