When I heard about a new Ghostbusters film coming out, with a female cast I was excited! I have to say I did read some terrible Ghostbusters reviews but I wanted to make my mind up myself to see what it was all about. I know that most people said it wouldn’t work because of an all female cast but I didn’t think the same. The classic was good but sometimes an updated version is needed to keep something current, which is what I feel they’ve done here. Plus I hear people say, well this isn’t the real ghostbusters dvd and in my opinion they’re both amazing in their own right!

Ghostbusters Cast

There are so many amazing people in the Ghostbusters 2016 dvd cast and I fancy naming a few. The obvious one being Melissa McCarthy. Melissa has been in so many amazing, hilarious movies it’s no wonder this film has so many funny moments! If you’ve not seen her in The Boss you need to check it out!

Leslie Jones was another amazing name within the Ghostbusters movie. She brings a comedy to the show that can’t be copied and I love her for it. Honestly I’d never heard of Leslie before watching Ghostbusters 2 but I’m glad I know about her now and I hope she does a lot more in the future!

Now let’s talk about Marvels Thor, Sorry I mean Chris Hemsworth. Was anyone else very happy to see him in this? He’s such agood actor, hot and hilarious in this! The Ghostbuster 2016 movie would not had been the same without his dumb character and we love it!


I loved the film, sure it was slow at times and I had to pause it a few times when Chris wasn’t wearing that much but that’s besides the point! Going back to the hate, sure the film isn’t like the original but that would have been worse, this Ghostbusters film holds up on it’s own with or without the original ghostbusters film. If people were a bit more open minded I feel this film could have been huge. I have to say it’s also a nice family film and there’s jokes in there that both adults and children will understand and laugh at.











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