The wonders of Goblindreams!

Okay so if you follow Lousnews you will see that I love going to comic conventions! I always take the time to have a look at all the different stalls that line the room. It doesn’t matter if I am at the Wales comic con or the Bournemouth one, there is always one stall that catches my eye and captivates my attention. Goblindreams attend so many conventions if you have missed them so far keep an eye out for them!

Goblindreams have sometime to offer everyone. They take the imagination and expand it; crafting amazing pieces that suit everyone for any occasion. In my opinion I love their mini dragon figures! They have so much detail it is unreal. They are all hand crafted and individual. Yes, that means you have a unique piece; no one else is going to have the same as you. How magical is that? That is why if you keep an eye out you will see a new competition for a unique Christmas dragon of your own!


Okay so enough about the amazing dragon mini figures that Goblindreams have to offer! They have much more than just unique, handcrafted masterpieces. For example take a look about this amazing, I mean magical journal.


Now I love this piece. Not only does it feel like a high quality product, more about that later. The journal looks amazing. The journal looks as if a face is breaking free form the very fabric that made it! I mean it gives me a harry potter feel from when Harry broke into the restricted section! It is that good. Now back to the quality. It feels amazing, faux suede has never looked and felt so good. I was worried it would have that horrible cotton wool feeling but nope, there was nothing wrong with how it felt.

The finish inside the book is done to perfection and the paper is a nice high quality. I would recommend everyone get one because it can be used for anything you want! I myself am going to keep a track of all the amazing competitions that I am giving you guys, all wrote down in the journal.

img_4188 img_4190

My partner asked me what would I rather have, the dragon or the journal? I couldn’t decide. The dragon is so unique and individual; the book is eye catching and feels amazing. So I said he can get me both for Christmas! Head on over to Goblindreams and take a look for yourself. Hurry though, if you want something in time for Christmas their amazing products are selling like hot cakes!

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