What Is A Fuggler?

Have you heard of fugglers before? I never had and when I finally found one I fell in love, although when you see them you might be shocked! As I was told, a fuggler isn’t a toy but a way of life. I mean you need to head on over to their website to hear about the adoption process, they make the whole expeirence into something amazing! They look super weird, not what you’d expect and yet they’re so inticing and inviting.

There are loads of varities that you can pick although we ended up with a yellow one as it happens to be my favourite colour. I don’t think colour matters that much though, espeically when you actually see what they look like! So we got out very own fuggler sent to us and I can’t wait to show you whats in the pack! You might have to head on over to YouTube to find out though, it’s hard enough keeping the little guy under control!

Fuggler attacks

Why Would You Want To Adopt A Fuggler?

Well because they are amazing and full of charchter. As my brother said, it reminds him of a zombie. I feel that it doesn’t matter what age you are when you get one, you can make your fuggler into anything you want. As I suggested earlier though, a fuggler is a way of life and not just a toy to be played with an forgotten. They cause mayhem and go wild at home and scare people while you’re out and about.

I wouldn’t suggest letting your child take one to nursery, but the looks on the parents face might be hilarious. Have you ever sat there and thought about giving your child something quirky, new and totally different? Maybe for a birthday or Christmas, well now is the time with these amazing fugglers! They have so many differnt ones to pick from as well, you don’t just have to settle with the yellow!

A fuggler might seem a little extreme and mischievous but it takes a special person to really tame a wild beast, to love a fuggler for what it is and to connect like a best friend would! If you want to teach your child to love for what’s on the inside and to really think outside the box, the fuggler is for you!

Where Can You Get A Fuggler?

Of course I’ve made you want to go and buy one, it can’t be helped; they are just too amazing! I’m afraid you can’t have ours, I can’t even find him! He better not have helped himself to the dog food again! The dogs won’t have anything left at this rate!! You can get a Fuggler all over the place, I think stores such as Spin Master, Smyths and even Amazon have managed to tame them long enough to haul them off to unsuspecting victims, I mean potential carers of these fine beasts wonders.

You know a fuggler when you see it though, the teeth, the button eyes; along with the button tails???? Yellow is by far my favourite, although as stated before you can get all sorts of colours, I prefer yellow so you can always spot them when they’re up to no good!!

One quick thing before I hunt mine down, don’t forget to head on over to their website so that you can register your fuggler online, sorry it doesn’t mean that you can return them; I doubt they’d want them back! The box even says do not return, adopt at your own risk and that they do not come with manners and I can vouch for that! Enjoy your fuggler and if you decide to take the path less traveled let me know how you get on!

Going On An Adventure With Our Fuggler, Not Just A Teddy!


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