Halloween, it’s here! Unless you aren’t reading this in October! However I’ve found that Halloween can actually be a depressive, I’ve spoken to others that feel that same and others that think I’m full of crap. However I’m going through it so I wanted to share that and also share the different Halloween films I LOVE to watch to get me in the Halloween spirit and pick me right back up when I’m down!

So if you’re not into Halloween I’m sorry and I don’t know why you’re here but if you are, keep reading! Don’t forget to let me know in the comments which Halloween films you love and which ones you hate! I’m always up for watching new films, unless they’re mega horrible horrors!!

I must point out as well that although these films are great with people that suffer from depression, they’re also amazing for people who have seasonal affective disorder. It’s a great way to adjust and settle into a new change (season) without the scare factor.

The Witches

I bloody love this film, it’s a firm favourite of mine and that’s why it’s at the top. It’s totally old school and I really don’t mind. If you’ve not seen it I’m sorry for your loss but if you have you’re probably a fan just like me. It still keeps me on the edge of my seat even when I know what’s going to happen! I wish I could say it’s on Netflix but it isn’t! If you’ve not seen it or if you have; either way check it out. It’s a good laugh and picks me right back up off the floor.

Monster House

Everyone can suffer with depression and even parents, it sucks but that’s the truth. If you have children at home and you need something to keep them entertained and also make you feel a little better than I can suggest monster house! It’s a child friendly Halloween film that’ll have everyone interested. There’s funny bits, suspense and all the thrills that a Halloween film needs and best of all it’s on Netflix so it won’t cost you a penny, if you already have a subscription that is!



I had to put it in, it’s a fact that people love to watch horror films; I’m just not a fan of said people! I hated the grudge, I can do the sound but everyone I know begs me to stop. It gave me nightmares and I don’t think I’ll ever watch that again. If you’re thinking the grudge isn’t that scary, I dare you to go watch mirrors. Mirrors is disgusting and I covered all mine up after watching the film for at least a week! I think they made a second one but no thanks! So there are two sick, disgusting horror films that only the twisted will love; enjoy!

Hocus Pocus

This had to be an obvious choice right? An iconic and well-loved Halloween film. It’s not really all that scary yet it’s everything that makes up Halloween. It’s a firm favourite and if you’ve not seen it I suggest you do this Halloween, and next Halloween and probably the one after as well! Heck it doesn’t even need to be Halloween to enjoy it!


A classic, you’ll find a lot of the films in the list are classics but this one takes top spot and centre stage. I don’t know how many times I’ve watched it but I’ll keep watching it! A 16 year old girl needs to go on a mission in an untold world to save her baby brother, what’s not to love!

The Craft

So I’m not sure if you’d class this as a Halloween film but I do. I love the craft, it’s a kick ass film. It has twists and turns and it’s sending a powerful message that you shouldn’t back down just because you’re scared or think you’re going to lose. It’s an inspiration although at times a little dark! Give it a watch and enjoy!

I’m going to stop there. I think you’ve more than enough films to keep you busy this Halloween and next Halloween. Halloween films are the best, I mean sure Christmas ones aren’t that bad either but I do love a good Halloween film, curled up on the sofa with some hot chocolate! What’s not to love about that aye! If I’ve missed any of your favourite films off the list make sure you let me know in the comments, I might just add it in there! Whatever you do though, DO NOT watch never ending story, I cry every bloody time even as an adult!

Halloween Films Great For Helping Calm Depression



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