Whenever you hear about mental health, it’s not normally positive. I’m guilty and some of my posts aren’t the best but I always put in ways to help cope and to fight through it all. For now though I want to talk about how mental health has changed my life for the better! You might be thinking that’s not even possible, it really is though and I’m going to tell you a few ways it has! I’m just going to dive straight in and not waste any of your time.

Anyone there? Mental health can be really difficult and a a lot happens to test a person. The great thing about my mental health are the people who have stuck by me. The people who, no matter what will help me and even if they don’t understand how I’m feeling they will do their best to try and make sure I’m okay. I wouldn’t have accomplished 80% of what I’ve done since I left home if it wasn’t for the other half and I owe him more than I can give.

Always learning! The world holds so much knowledge, more than any one person can learn in a lifetime or even five. On my mental health journey I’ve learnt about o much, different ways to cope with all kinds of mental health issues, the amount of crap people go through and even different medication. I’ve found some amazing apps that have helped me cope some ace products that keep me calm like the art gear! I can’t wait to learn more and I hope it never ends!

I found myself…. I really have, it sounds stupid but I’ve found out so much about myself. I know how to handle so many situations where others wouldn’t have a clue what to do. I know how far I can be pushed until I snap and I know what makes me truly happy. I know what type of ice cream I need to make me smile and I can’t remember the last time I felt lost and had nothing to do! I truly found myself!

There you go, three ways I’ve been lifted up and had an injection of positivity into my life. It’s weird that for once I’ve been able to actually identify how my mental health has helped me and not held me back. I’d love for whoever is reading this to be able to sit back and identify one way that your mental health has improved your life. For now if you fancy checking out any of my other mental health posts check them out here!

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