Free? Doesn’t sound right surely? Well there are ways in which you can get free food for Christmas without having to spend extra or worry about the consequences and it’s amazing. A few years ago I had no idea about all these different ways you could make money, save money and certainly not how I could get my hands on free food and drinks! So of course I wanted to talk about how to get free food and share my tips for success. You might know some of these free food hacks already but keep reading and you might learn something new!

So if you want to get free food without using free food coupons then you’ll need a phone, a drive for success and a passion for free stuff and free food! Also I’d like to point out that this isn’t free food samples and I’m not telling you that you need to swing by the person giving out free food in Asda every 5 minutes because who has time for that! Anyway if you want free food today then let’s go!

Smart Phone Apps To Get Free Food And Drinks

Indeed, there are several free food apps that you can download so that you can get free food, it’s amazing. I was over the moon when I found out, because let’s face it I love to eat! There are several apps that you can download in order to get your food. Shopmium, Checkoutsmrt and Clicksnap. They all work in the same way, you buy the food, scan your recipet and then get the money back. Essentially giving you free food.

Where can I get free food? Well with these apps, anywhere. They have Asda, Tesco, Waitrose and so many other stores listed. They even have nifty store locators on there, you’ll also find you can change the settings so you can only see offers from certain stores, which makes it so much easier when you’re doing your shopping. So if you want to know where to get free food I’d start with download the three apps above and taking a look! I’ve even seen free from foods on there which is perfect for a lot of people! Not bad for some food apps.

Tesco Clubcard Vouchers

So it might not be a quick fix at Christmas time but hear me out. All year round we shop a bit in Tesco, mainly looking for reduced foods as Tesco is the best in our area. If you fancy knowing a little more on how to get some reduced foods at Christmas take a look. Over the course of a year we end up spending a fortune in Tesco, for all sorts not just reduced items. So we decided to give the Tesco clubcard department a call. You can get them to save up all your points all year round and then send them out to you at the end of November. Plus if you fuel up at a Tesco garage or have a monthly phone with Tesco that’s points you’re getting all year round without any extended shopping.

So it’s 1 point per £1 and every 100 points is £1. That might not seem like a lot but this year we ended up getting £40 with our clubcard points save up over the year! That does mean we’ve spent over £4,000 at Tesco in 2018, which seems like a lot but when you’re putting £50 in for fuel every few weeks, it soons adds up! So if you have a clubcard, think about changing it so you get all the vouchers towards the end of the year, if you don’t have a clubcard and you shop at Tesco; consider getting one fast. With the vouchers coming in at the end of November, it’s an added bonus and in a sense it’s all free food that you’ve not had to worry about. Plus while you’re doing your shopping you can always enjoy them free snack samples they give out if you’re peckish!

Entering Food Related Competitions

I love entering competitions, both my partner and I enter them all time and it’s never gets old. I’ve wrote about them in the past as well but intend on doing some vlogs in the new year. The great thing with competitions is you can enter any type of them, so I say you can get food through competitions but you can get anything. Of course this isn’t a hardcore way but I just wanted to add it in there. Might even find a new hobby? Of course there’s no guarntee you’re to win but it’s fun in the process. Take a look at competition database if you fancy giving it a go and don’t blame me if you get addicted.

Enter Food Eating Competitions

So this isn’t a food shop one. This is a food eating one. I’m not sure many places do it in the UK however it is a big thing in the USA. Find a local restaurant and enter a food eating competition, only if you think you’re going to win though otherwise you might end up forking out the cash afterwards! Plus who knows it might be a bit of Christmas fun, maybe make it a Christmas tradition? “Let’s see if daddy can eat that giant steak this year”. Now doesn’t that sound fun!


So I’ve given you a few ways, the smart phone apps and Tesco clubcard points I would recommend anyone do, even if you don’t need the food you can always donate it like I’ve spoke about in my donation Christmas post. Some of the suggestions are a little fun and perfect for people who don’t need the food right away or just want to do that little extra thing. Remember if you’re in need of food for the holidays contact your local food bank, it might not be something people want to do but if it helps there’s no shame!

How To Get Free Food At Christmas And More


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