Breaking into the musical industry can be difficult, there is so much amazing talent out there and shows like the X Factor and BGT really highlights that. However people still make it big, they still manage to break through and get their name out into the world. It’s not an easy venture though, it can be tough and it’s a lot of hard work. Without support from friends, family and loved ones it’s almost impossible to make it big, or make it at all!

Showing Support

So as a friend or family member you might be itching to show your support, you might want to help as much as possible but you just can’t afford it. Or you might have already contributed as much money as you can and you’re out of ways to help and might feel guilty? Either way I’m going to talk about the different ways that you support someone whos trying to become a musical artist and how it’s not going to cost you a single penny.

Listen to their music

So they’re singing, they’re bringing out music and they’ve just had their first song go onto iTunes, great. However you might have only listened to the song once, that might not have even through apple though and maybe YouTube or live. Add their song to your shower playlist, gym playlist or whatever playlist you fancy. If it was me personally I’d add the song to my shower playlist, you might get sick or it or not even like it in the first place but once you’re in the shower I doubt you’ll get out just to turn it off.

If you listen to their song now and again this is going to generate a small income for them, they’re able to use this to make new music, get new equipment or advertising their gigs. Now Apple are forever changing their percentages so I’m not sure how much they might get but at the end of the day every little does help. You could also just sit their and listen to their song on repeat but that might be a little extreme and you don’t want to end up hating them!!

Share their information

So this is an important one. I read recently about how celebrity tweets are going viral on a daily basis, but have you shared your friends new gig poster or their album they’ve just launched on Spotify, Amazon or Apple? Show some support and share their stuff, they might get 1 new fan who then goes and buys their album all thanks to your share. How epic would that be, they earn money and you’ve done something to help them and not had to spend a penny in the process. Think about it and next time you see something that looks cool, share it and make a little difference!

Turn up to events

A muscian who is trying to make it big is going to book gigs and events to get their names out there. If you’re trying to support them you need to show it, I’m not saying you need to turn up to every single one of their events but it would be great to attend a few. It will make the venue look busier, the venue is more likely to book the musican again if drinks are flowing and more people turn up and the person you’re there to support is going to feel valued and supported.

Again I’m not saying that you have to turn up to each event but some would be nice. Not to mention if you’re sharing the details online as I spoke about before, more people might turn up thanks to your recomendation and you’re going to feel good and so it the person you are there to support!


So there you have it, various ways you can support your loved one without having to spend anything. Support is great for a person and their mental health. It helps to drive a person and give them the motivation they need to acomplish something, you see all these amazing new artists in the media and they have the support network behind them.

Last of all though I want to touch on the power of help, if your loved one asks you for help then do your best, sure it might not always be possible but it can take a lot for a person to ask for help and when they do it’s great to be there for them and to make a difference. If you’ve ever fancied getting into the world of showbiz maybe check out this article on how you can make money a a film extra, not sure if I could do it mind you!

How To Support A Muscial Artist Without Spending A Penny!


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