I have a rail card and on numerous accounts I have had people ask me if they are really worth the money. There is no simple answer to this question however and it all depends on a persons circumstance. To start let me give you a little more information on what a rail card actually is and how you get your stunning hands on one.

When it comes to picking a rail card you need to make sure you get the right one for you. If you pick the wrong card you might not even be able to use it and you have wasted money, not the best start on a saving money journey.  You will need to start by heading on over to the rail card website and picking the correct package for you. I have a 16-25 rail card that I got with a student bank account although you may need a different one. 

As you can see the rail card is going to cost you £30 a year, apart from the disabled card which is only £20 a year. In the grand scheme of things £30 isn’t that much. I catch the train to Weymouth from Bournemouth once a month. The journey is normally £14.80 although only £9.75 with a rail card. That means I save £5.05 a month and a whopping £60.60 a year! Not to mention all the other trips I do when I visit family in Plymouth and Birmingham!

You can if you wanted to purchase a three year card which will cost you £70. £20 off the total if you decided to pay per year! As you have just seen as well you can easily get your money back within a year and start saving for the next two. I would be lost without my rail card and have to say its a much needed necessity for anyone who uses the train at least once a month.

As I mentioned before if you are a student and you wanted a free rail card all you need to do is take a student account out with Santander and you will get one. I am in no way connected with Santander however and if I had to suggest any bank it would be HSBC.

So there you have it, now you know why you should be getting a rail card and yes they are totally worth it. As I said at the start it depends on your circumstances. If you are going to be using the train at least a minimum of once a month then you will end up saving money, if not then maybe it isn’t for you.

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  1. I have a Disabled Railcard. One trip to London is £35.05 with it or £53.10 without so purchasing my card each year is a huge saving to me!

    • Louis B Reply

      They are amazing, perfect for my student life! Totally adds up over the year!

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