Looking for something to get the man in your life, or maybe a little Christmas treat for yourself? You’ve came to the right place with my Mens Christmas gift guide. I’m going to show you so many mens presents your head will expload, well hopefully not literally. At the end of this post you’ll know all about presents for men and what to buy. So if you want gifts for men, keep reading.

I find it so difficult to get the other half stuff for Christmas, it’s a chore each year. If you’ve seen my 8 ultimate gift guides post you’ll know that I’ve already taken a look at some amazing gift guides but I needed more inspiration. So I decided to put my own gift guide together to really find some amazing gift ideas for men. So I’ve managed to find some Christmas gifts for him and a couple for myself in the process! Now let’s take a look at the best gifts for men in this Mens Christmas gift guide and find something for your loved one.

Nivea Ultimate Traveller Gift Set

There’s so much I can say about this set. Let’s start off with the amazing travel bag. We travel all around the globe whenever we can. In fact we have a few trips planned for 2019 already and this set is just the thing the other half needs. The travel bag has so much space and can literally be taken anywhere, to get one of this quality alone you’re looking at £20-£25! If you have a partner who loves to travel, this is the ticket item you need under your tree. Need some gifts for boyfriend or husband this is perfect.

This Nivea travel set is perfect, let’s talk about the contents. Oh and it looks amazing as well. If a guy is to open this on Christmas day, you’re going to get a smile! So not only do you get the amazing travel bag and but within the Nivea gift set you get, Nivea men active clean shower gel, Nivea men black & white anti-perspirant, Nivea men Sensitive Shaving Foam, Nivea men sensitive post shave balm; and Nivea men cream. So as you can see you get so much in your Nivea travel kit! This is one of them mens gift sets you know your fella or loved one will love so don’t miss out!I was half tempted to keep this Nivea travel pack myself but nope I was nice and the other half got it!

Nivea Mens Gift Set Mens Gift Guide

Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring

I was a little bit concerned about this one, you hear all the time that people claim they’re amazing and work really well but you never quite know for sure! Well I’m going to give you the low down! So I gave the Good Night Anti Snoring Ring to my other half to try out, he snores a little. So this anti snore ring, actually works. I was impressed and amazed. The material is a little bit malleable so you’re able to fit it if it’s a little too small. We went for a medium and it was a good fit. It took a couple of days to work and his snoring decreased! I could actually get to sleep a lot faster.

Now I’m not going to say it’ll work for everyone but I am saying give it a go. This stop snoring ring is a perfect little gift, a funny gift and a helpful gift! I was over the moon when the other half either snored less or stop snoring altogether some nights. All you need to do is slip the ring on your little finger before bed and take it off in the morning, it’s simple and effective! So get your hands on a good night ring and get a good nights sleep!

Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring Mens Gift Guide

Haynes Zombie Survival Manuals

These are amazing! I’m not being funny but what guy doesn’t love zombies, my little brother is 5 years old and loves zombies, I’m a huge fan of resident evil and the other half is a zombie fighting fanatic! That’s why this amazing zombie survival guide is perfect, although did I mention there are two! We have the epic zombie survival transport manual and the even better zombie survival manual. Two amazing zombie manual, the zombie survival guide is where it’s at this year. The must have gift for a typical guy! Get your guy a haynes zombie manual and be his favourite this Christmas, I was torn do I give them to my brother or my other half!!

If you know who Haynes are you know they have some nice quality books, I’m pretty sure my grandad has a few of their really old books laying about in the shed. So let you other half brush up on his zombie preparedness because you have no idea when it might come in handy! Haynes Zombie Survival Transport Manual and the amazing Haynes Zombie Survival Manual not to mention the fact that they’re fair priced and at the moment on sale ready for Christmas! 

Haynes Zombie Survival Manuals Mens Gift Guide

 BIC Monthly Razor Subscription

So at the moment I don’t have a clean shave all round, that’s a given if you follow me on Instagram you’ll know that. However to get the perfect shave I not only have my eletric razor but also my handheld razor. I’ve been looking for a new one since mine broke and I think I’ve found what I’m looking for. So this is a gift for me, the other half will have to get his own that’s for sure! So you get to pick a package, three of five blades a month depending on how often you shave; I’d go for three myself. Then you have them delivered to your door each month for £4.50, which is nothing!

The fact that I no longer have to think about going out and buying razor blades is the best part for me but also the affordable price each month. You can get them right from the BIC website and I feel that these are great for people who generally forget to go out and buy razors; like myself! At the moment I’m writing this you can get their starter set for £3.90 and with free postage so get over there and have a look!

BIC Monthly Razor Subscription Mens Gift Guide

The Bluebeards Revenge Soap Stack Kit

If you follow me you’ll know that I’m a lover of Bluebeards revenge products and I’ve wrote about them before. However now I’m talking Christmas gifts and this hand soap set has to be one of my top gift suggestions this year. Maybe because we are such fans of hand soap though? This Bluebeards Revenge Soap Stack Kit Is really nice and presented so well anyone would love to open it on Christmas day. Not to mention it’s only £13.99 on their website and if you’re a lover of high quality hand soap, you’ll know that’s cheap!

This soap gift set is lovely, it looks amazing and it’s something that any guy would love to open up on Christmas day. The fact that I’m wrapping it up to give to myself on Christmas day is a bit sad as I now have to wait to get my hands on some ace hand soap! If you fancy getting some head on over to Bluebeards revenge and get a pack for yourself or a loved one this Christmas!

The Bluebeards Revenge Soap Stack Kit Mens Gift Guide

Sleepy Dwarf PJ Bottoms

Does your man sleep in the buff, just bottoms or a whole PJ set? You’ll find that in this gift guide there’s something for everyone; although the buff option is totally free! These sleepy dwarf PJ bottoms are lovely though. So comfortable and look amazing! With these Disney pyjamas your loved one can be part of Snow White and the seven dwarfs this year! If you’re looking for some mens disney pyjamas these are the ones you need to buy, I’m not going to talk about any other Disney pyjamas as there’s no point!

So you should have already purchased these Disney Christmas pyjamas, if not I’d also like to point out that they’re really nice quality and feel so nice! not like some I purchased a few weeks back that I had to return after they irritated my skin something mental! These are Burton as well, always loved Burton clothes and they’re generous on the sizing unlike a few high street shops! Anyway head on over and get your own pair now!

Sleepy Dwarf PJ Bottoms Mens Gift Guide

Spice Pioneer Subscription Service

Do you have a guy in your life who loves being in the kitchen? If so this is the perfect gift for him! These spice sets are amazing, you get a box that contains different spices so that you can put a selected meal together. You have enough spices for a starter, main and pudding! Date night just became a lot easier when your guy is cooking a lovely meal and you helped give him the inspiration to do so! Personally I find it a pain to get meal ideas and sometimes spend hours online looking for a great recipe, with this kit it’s so much easier and I don’t have to think as hard!

You can sign up to a subscription yourself or get the guy in your life his own gift subscription, with a three month subscription costing as little as £27! As well as each kit containing all the spices you need to make the dish, it also comes with a dedicated shopping list showing all the other ingredients needed such as meat, fish and veg! So that takes any and all stress out! This really is a great subscription service and I highly recommend it!

Spice Pioneer Subscription Service Mens Gift Guide

Harry Potter pyjamas

I’ve already spoke about pyjamas bottoms, time to talk about a full set. I told you I had you covered for any situation. So I’m a huge Harry Potter fan and I love the whole magical franchies; see what I did there? These Next Harry Potter mens pyjamas are going to have the guy in your life looking mighty fine and feeling all snug at night when they’re ready for bed! The sizes are just right on these, if you’re normally a medium, go with medium. Unless you want a more baggy pj set, I’d stick with your normal size.

Harry Potter Pajamas Mens Gift Guide


I told you there would be a lot of mens gift ideas right? If you still have no idea what to get a guy in your life I must have failed and for that I’m sorry. I’m thinking there are loads of cool gifts and some nice unique gifts for men in there though, who wouldn’t want a zombie survival manual? Also if you think they wouldn’t enjoy it for Christmas you can always get it for them another time of year, maybe birthday gifts for men instead of Christmas gifts for men? Either way I loved putting this Mens Christmas gift guide together so I hope it’s helpful!

If you’ve seen some other cool items about and you think I should know about them, let me know in the comments! Maybe you’ll give other people suggestions at the same time, after all Christmas can be hard when someone won’t tell you what they want!

Last Minute Mens Christmas Gift Guide


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