Here is a list of LGBTQIA+ books that I recommend. I have a lot of these books so if they’re on this list it means they are worth picking up in my opinion!

Date Me Bryson Keller

If you’ve just typed something like, the best gays books to read into google I hope you find this one. Date Me Bryson Keller had me in tears, laughing, cheering and wanting more when I finished. It has to be the best gay book that I read in 2021 and I know loads of people agree with me.

I’m not going to start writing a bunch of spoilers because when you start reading an LGBTQ book you want the excitement! I will say there are some twists, moments where my heart was ripped out and then sewn back together and tears, a few of them! The Date Me Bryson Keller book has to be my favourite of all the books I read in 2021!

Here The Whole Time

Here the whole time was one of the smaller queer books that I read in 2021. It was my first gay book that I read and introduced me back into the world of reading and since then I was hooked! If you’re looking for a gay book to sink your teeth into which won’t take you forever to read, the Here The Whole Time Book is the one you want!

The characters are basic, easy to like and there aren’t too many of them so you’re not confused. The book is easy to follow and you’ll be so hooked you won’t put it down! Like most LGBTQ books out there, this one tackles issues like being body-conscious and the anxiety that most of us probably face daily.

I loved this teen gay book so much I’ll probably revisit it in the future and read it again. I love books that never get boring and that you can revisit after a few years. Get yourself a copy and enjoy it as much as I did!