Twitter’s one of them platforms that has rules, rules in place to stop spam accounts. Which is a great thing because it’s keeping everyone online safe and out of harms way. However it can also have a negative affect of us compers, one of the main disadvantages that it gives us is the fact we can only follow a certain amount of people e.g. companies.

At present Twitter only allows someone to follow up to 5,000 people, that is unless you managed to have a mass amount of people following yourself and then your limit gets increased! Although the chances of that happening are slim, sorry. If you’re a daily or professional comper you may find this comes up a little. I’ve had to sort it out a couple of times myself, which is why I now use Managefilter to save myself so much time and effort!

I’m going to tell you about why you should be using this piece of software, how it’s so easy to use and how it’s going to make your comping life so much easier! You can see below your dashboard. It shows you everything that you need, how many people you follow, follow you. Then all the actions, mute, block etc. I’ve not logged into my comping account so as you can see it’s all pretty quiet on mine, however an avid comper is going to see all sorts of numbers!

Managefilter dashboard

You can see at the top that it’s suggesting that I increase my daily unfollow limit to 50. This isn’t going to cost you anything either, you can follow them on Twitter, Tweet about Managefilter or do various other tasks to increase your unfollow limit, perfect if you need to get rid of 50 accounts so you can do a little light comping! Although for more you’re going to have to upgrade your package. If you’re going to upgrade, I would go with pro; I myself have used that plan in the past. Unless you’re a big company I would stay away from Business as it’s too expensive and gives you more than what you’re going to need.


Here’s where it gets a little interesting, unfollowing! Managefilter gives you so many options to pick from it can get a little overwhelming to begin with, when I first saw it I was mega confused and had to research what I needed to do! Let me explain the basics though and hopefully you won’t be as confused as I was!

There are certain criteria in place so that you can unfollow the accounts that won’t do your twitter too much damage. Of course you don’t want to be unfollowing accounts that you only followed a couple days ago because the competitions may not have ended! Instead on the left hand side you will find certain options to pick from which will show you certain accounts.

One such criteria is inactive. This option will show you all of the accounts that have not Tweeted in over 30 days, meaning any competitions you have entered with them are bound to be over and you’re able to unfollow these accounts without any repercussions.

There is also an option to spot fake followers, although this isn’t always 100% most times it works and the people you can be following haven’t tweeted in ages, have no profile picture and contribute nothing to your twitter or comping goals! So I would suggest going through them and removing them. When it comes to unfollowing accounts, I would check out the following three options: Spam, Inactive and fake.

If you’re looking at getting rid of some people you follow, stick to the tips above. It’s worked for me for quite some time now and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Following ratio…

This bit isn’t essential to comping but it’s still a good part of Managefilter to get yourself familiar with in the long run, it might help you win a few competitions. There’s an option to see which people you follow are the most talkative and have the highest influence, this is great! It means you’re able to identify who are running the most competitions and who’s most active on twitter!

Although companies have strict rules that they should be following when it comes to picking competition winners, it’s much easier to just pick a winner without using software or following proper procedure. Which means you want to get noticed. If you’re talking with the talkative companies more often on twitter it means you have a higher chance of being picked as a winner, something that I talk about in my 8 top tips for winning twitter competitions!

Of course it’s not fact that companies just randomly pick winners from active members but there has been talk around it so I wouldn’t rule it out. Another function you can see is picking out twitter users that follow/unfollow. In a nutshell, some users on twitter will follow you, wait for you to follow them back and then unfollow you. Making it look like they have loads of followers and hardly follow anyone. It’s something that’s actually quite common on twitter and people can even use bots to do this for them!

Although Managefilter does give you the option to see this, it’s only for pro members. It’s a great bit of technology if you’re wanting to build up your followers because it means you can block these pesky accounts that just get on your nerves and never stick around! If you’re just an average comper and want to do it for a little fun, there’s no need to worry about it all.

If you’re looking to get seen more on twitter, a little tip would be to interact with the accounts that have the most influence. Remember you can identify all these accounts through the manage page, there are loads of functions and if you want my opinion you need to have a play about so that you can get to grips with them all!

Managefilter, unfollowing on Twitter made easy

So there you have it, Managefilter. A great piece of technology that I would recommend to any twitter comper. It’s got everything you need to keep your twitter in check and you can make sure you are never getting close to that pesky following limit that twitter give you! Remember if you’re a serious professional comper I would suggest the pro version although if you’re a part time comper, the free version will do you nicely.

So there you have it. If you want to find out more about twitter competitions check out my other posts, like the pitfalls to twitter competitions or 8 top tips to winning more on twitter. At the end of the day twitter can be a ruthless platform so you want to make sure you know what you’re doing and get ahead of the game!

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