I have no idea the last time I went to a barbers to actually get my haircut! I don’t see the point, on average a hair cut for a guy can cost between £12-£20 in Bournemouth and that’s just a price I’m not willing to pay. So I took it upon myself to get my hair sorted at home, no I didn’t start cutting it myself!

Instead I got the other half to start cutting my hair, I have to say after two years he’s really got it down; even if it needed a hat a couple of times when he first started. The best part is you really don’t need that much to get started. You’re going to need a chair which is fairly obvious, it can be any old chair as long as you’re person can walk around you.

The only tricky part are the razors. If you’re thinking you’re possibly going to get your hair cut 2-6 times a year then I’d go for a cheaper pair for £10-£20. HOWEVER, if you’re going to be getting it cut every month like I do then you’re going to need something a little more sturdy! We have this amazing Wahl Razor for around £40 that does everything we need it to. To be fair I did win it in a competition however that was years ago and it’s still going strong!

Check out below one of the times the after half cut my hair, even my bed head looked amazing. Not something I’ve been able to find after getting it cut at the barbers all them years ago!

So there you have it, if you’re looking to cut back on money at home with the other half, husband or maybe just the kids then I’d suggest doing it yourself. If your other half has a beard I’d look at getting a trimmer as well, I’ve not got one but if I ever had to pick I’d pick the one behind, maybe Wahl will send me one to review to show y’all!

For now check out my other posts on saving money and take a look around, you never know what you’re going to find! If you have any favourite ways that you save money around the house I’d love to hear about it, I’m always looking to save money and doing it right!

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