Didn’t know I was a geek? Well you do now. I love everything geek related and cool retro bits as well. I love a retro geek gift, there’s nothing better! I’m hoping that for Christmas I’m going to get a load of retro gifts and maybe a couple off this list as well! I’m not so much into the vintage gifts but more the retro gifts and gaming gifts for Christmas. If you’re looking for gift ideas for gamers then pay close attention because you’re going to find so many you won’t need to look anywhere else.

I’ve also got some cool retro gifts for him as well, one in particular I can’t wait to show you! However to begin with I think I’m going to kick it off with the best gifts for gamers and show you something that’s very close to my heart and something I collect whenever my bank account allows me to!

Funko Pops For Christmas Gifts

Some people might not think that a funko pop could be a Christmas gift. I’ve wrote about funko pops before and the subscription service I’m currently getting, however today is a little different. At the start of December I decided to treat myself to a Harry Potter Advent Calender. Now I’m not sure if you can still get them but if you can I’d totally take a look!

When thinking about having a funko Christmas there are other routes that you can go down, maybe think about individual funko pops. Does someone you know love Groot or Transformers and really want a pop from that series? I was over the moon last year when I got Christmas groot! Maybe think about getting one of them or another funko you know your gamer will love!

Mens Retro Geek Christmas Gift Guide Funko pop Christmas gift

Handmade Figures – Goblin Dreams

These guys are so cute! If you know a gamer who already loves to collect funko pops or is just an all round gaming nerd; they’re going to love these! Talk about unique gifts for gamers I’ve got this in the bag! These handmade goblins and dragons are just the thing to put a smile on a gamers face at Christmas time, out of all the gifts for gamers I can think of, these are by far the most unique.

I actually have a handmade Groot that I bid on when I took part in one of their Facebook auctions, so if you get the chance go and check them out on Facebook and take a look at the events they have going on! I doubt you’ll find Groot on their website just because it was a Facebook exclusive as well, we ended up getting two Groot handmade figures for a present to ourselves! We also managed to pick up a wicked witch goblin at Wales Comic Con so that was really nice as well.

Mens Retro Geek Christmas Gift Guide Goblin dreams gifts

Wilkinson Sword Classic Double Edge Safety Razor Gift Set

Now we’re going retro, remember I said there was a gift I couldn’t wait to talk about; this is it! You might have noticed that I don’t shave fully but I do like to keep everything in shape and in place so I still need to use a classic razor on my face. I’ve always loved retro razors and I have to say this one is perfection. So in this gift set you get the amazing classic razor, a brush to lift up that hair so you can get a better shave, a shaving soap bowl and 5 razors! So you’re totally getting your moneys worth that’s for sure.

The set has amazing reviews on Amazon and I just want to add to it. This is a perfect retro gift for him and the guy in your life. To be fair if you know a guy who shaves and likes to have a proper shave this is the best item for him.If you’re out shopping at the moment you can even pick up the classic razor and 5 blades in Tesco or the classic razor and 10 blades in Boots for £18. However at the moment I’d buy the total gift set because it’s so amazing and under £20 on Amazon in the sales at this current moment in time!

Mens Retro Geek Christmas Gift Guide Wilkinson Sword Classic Double Edge Safety Razor Gift Set

Chocolate Game Controller – Double Chocolate Controller Pack

Know a chocolate loving gamer? I know I do, well that’s me actually. This is something I’ve seen on Amazon and have ordered although it won’t get here till next week! I have to make a little confession though, I’m an Xbox lover and haven’t had a PlayStation since I was in my teens! However I can’t wait for these to arrive, I get to destroy PlayStation by eating their consoles.

This is a great video game gifts as well, it’s not something that can be played but I’m sure it will still be enjoyed at the same time. Plus out of all the cool gifts for gamers that I’ve talked about, this has to be the tastiest, well the only edible one I suppose. Get yours before it’s too late or they’re all gone, you don’t want to miss this one!

Mens Retro Geek Christmas Gift Guide Chocolate Game Controller - Double Chocolate Controller Pack


So there we have it, a selection of cool retro gaming gifts that I feel any gamer would love! If you’re looking for Christmas presents for gamers you totally came to the right place and I hope you found something that has helped. If you need more inspiration on what to get a guy in your life for Christmas, check out my other last minute mens gift guide and hopefully you’ll find some inspiration there. I’ve never done a Geek Christmas Gift Guide before so I hope it’s everything you expected as well.

If you’re a geek or gamer and want something in particular this Christmas do let me know, I half want a Nintendo Switch although I only want it for Pokemon and I don’t think that’s a very good investment when I would only play one game! I hope I’m getting the Crash Bandicoot game on the Xbox though along with the Spyro triliogy!

Mens Retro Geek Christmas Gift Guide 2018


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