If you haven’t guessed I’m all about mental health, keeping it under control and treating it when needed. Which is why I’ve got a huge thing about self care. Without self care you’re going to burn out and be no use to anyone let alone yourself! However latley I’ve been going through social media and reading blog posts that generally upset me.

People are shouting about self care, while all the time adding huge price tags. You don’t need to be spending £100 at the spa and £200 on some new clothes and shoes! Self care doesn’t have to be expensive, sure if you want to splurge then go ahead, make sure you can afford it before hand though. You don’t want to get into debt because of “self care”, because then it’s not self care it’s damaging.

Self care to me is about enjoying myself and being frugal, I like getting the most for my money. It makes me happy to know that I don’t have to spend hundreds in one go just to have a little fun! In fact at the moment one of my favourite things to do is visit the cinema. I have an unlimited cineworld card which means I pay £17.99 each month for an unlimited amount of movies. I end up going around 8 times per month and I save a fortune, if you fancy joining up and getting a free month then use my code! RAF-95TC-21GZ-73VB-41FY

Another thing I love doing for self care is going to the bootsale, which sounds mental I know! I love walking around a field, going through loads of “junk” and finding some epic bargains! I’m a sucker for a good disney mug and when I find an amazing one for 50p I have to pick it up!

I know that self care is important, which is why I’ve wrote this post. I want you to think about the things you do in your life that make you happy. Set some time aside where you can just enjoy yourself, maybe you like walking miles to escape everything or maybe you just want a relaxing bath? Whatever it is enjoy yourself. I’d suggest taking some time on a Sunday to chill out, it’s just before the busy week starts and you can walk in nice and ready!

I’d love to know the different ways you love relaxing. Is self care important to you and do you prefer to spend a small fortune or do you love going on the cheap? I must admit I’ve been tempted to book a cheap last minute holiday a couple of times, have you ever? If you’ve not already check out my anxiety comfort box, it’s a little bit of luxury you can use whenever you feel down!

Mental Health Self Care Doesn't Have To Cost £100!




  1. Totally agree with your sentiment that self-care doesn’t have to cost anything. I think we are told in our society that self-care is about shopping and buying and treating yourself but I’ve personally found it’s the little things that help me, and certainly being frugal helps because debt stresses me out so much! Thanks for sharing this post, I really enjoyed it 🙂

    PS I was going to use your Cineworld code but they have no branches near me (rage) but I’m going to look into getting a movie pass because that sounds amazing!

    • Louis B Reply

      I know right, too much influence from the media saying we need to spend money so that we can have a nice life; it’s just not true! We have a 10 minute drive to our cinema, it’s a pain but love to get out now and again! 🙂

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