I’m really excited about this. I’ve got so much to look forward to this year, BlogOn, Amsterdam and a few comic conventions! However after looking back on a few photos of me with celebs and on holiday I thought it was about time I started to lose a few extra pounds. No time like the present so I joined the gym and thought I’d keep log of all the work out time I’m putting in, as well as everything I’ve spent in order to maintain my gym lifestyle. I hope you’ll stick with me through this and look forward to my monthly reports!

The Gym…

I go to the gym in Bournemouth whenever possible. I like the place, the facilities are on point although the changing rooms and toilets could use some work. I love to go when its nice and quiet, something about working out in a room packed with loads of fit people makes me feel uncomfortable, thanks to google as well you can see when times are the busiest which is super helpful!

When did I work out and what did I do?

So I wanted to let people know how much I worked out each month, it also means I can keep track of how much use I’m getting out of the gym as well. If I’m losing money and not going enough what’s the point of carrying on? At the same time I can keep track of my weight loss and see if the amount of times I go to the gym have any real impact on the weight I’ve lost!

It’s also good to keep track of what I actually did, as I’m a novice and starting out I find it better to set myself a limit. I don’t want to push myself and never go back. If I keep track of it all it means that I can up my game every month.


  • 3rd  ~ Half hour, 10 minutes exercise bike and 20 minutes treadmill.
  • 9th ~ 10 minutes exercise bike and 20 minutes treadmill.
  • 23rd ~ 30 minutes treadmill.
  • 30th ~ 10 minutes exercise bike and 20 minutes treadmill.

As you can see I didn’t go as much as I would have liked this month although with exams and assignments standing in the way, finding the time was a little impossible! However I managed to go a little and loved ever second when I dd go.

How much is it costing me?

So currently the gym membership that I’m paying is £15.99 a month. Compared to some other gyms in the area, that’s cheap. With everything that the gym offers I’m chuffed with the amount I’m having to pay out, I just wish they had a pool but you can’t have everything in life and I wouldn’t use it for a while anyway till I had lost a few more lbs!

I also purchased some nifty little water bottles this month, I found out after my first visit to the gym that I needed them and they were necessities, if you’re going to start the gym you need to make sure you have one for yourself as well!


  • £15.99 Gym membership ~ roughly £3.99 a session, not bad!
  • Water bottles ~ £2.99

I’m happy about how much January has cost me. Thankfully I had adequate workout gear in the flat and for the time being I’m not going to have to buy anymore. The water bottle was also an ace price thanks to Aldi, if you are looking to work out from home as well Aldi have some amazing work out gear in store at the moment so I’d check that out if you’re interested!

January Change?

I didn’t want to call this section something like “weight loss” in case I’ve not lost anything, or worse put weight on! So I’m going to document my change for the month. Hopefully it’ll be a loss every month so that when these events I go to I’m gong to be a little slimmer but let’s see!

Weight loss 2lbs

It would be a good idea to point out that I weight every Monday. Which means this month my final weigh in was before my last gym session. So I’m proud of how I’ve done. At the end of the day every little helps and although I would have liked to of done more, it’s not always that easy as you may know!

Anything extra?

So I’m not going to put everything down to the gym. I know a lot of people who do exercise from home using exercise videos or yoga for a nice relaxing time thrown in. For January however I did nothing, sorry. I’m thinking about adding in an extra half hour a week working out from home, even if that’s split up over the week. It’s ether that or going walking for a bit every week like I use to before an accident that put me out of commission for a while.

Hopefully I’ll have more to put into this section for next month but for the time being sit back and relax. If you have any suggestions as to what I should be doing from home or any advice that you’ve been using just let me know in the comments! For now though just sit tight and wait for the next report!

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