Every year people are putting up their Christmas trees which is great, but the Christmas tree decorations are what matters. There’s no point putting up a Christmas tree if there’s nothing to make it look pretty. Although there’s a problem. There’s loads of cheap plastic decorations out there that are bound to break by the time you take the Christmas tree down! I love the Christmas ornaments that are going to stay with you for generations, the ones that you can pass down to your children so that they can use them.

I remember once I purchased a tree decoration from eBay, it was a blue noes bear that I thought said happy Christmas, well it didn’t. In fact it said Harry on it. It was a bit of a shock when it arrived but that was around 10 years ago and I’m still putting it on the Christmas tree to this day and it’s hilarious. It holds so many memories and I hope I’m putting it on the tree in 10 years time. However you’re here to find out where to get some cool decorations right? Let’s chat about that!

Poundland Christmas Tree Decorations

Now I’m not the biggest fan of Poundland Christmas tree decorations. I think that for Christmas tree ornaments they’re a little tacky. However this year I actually purchased a couple, to my surprise! As soon as I saw them I knew they fitted our little family perfectly. You can watch the video where I showcase them or keep reading. Two doughnuts, one pink and one white with sprinkles. They look amazing, feel a little cheap but sometimes that’s half the fun! I love having them on the Christmas tree and have to say they’re quite nice to look at. I don’t know how long they will survive and they’re totally not pet proof that’s for sure; but I do like them.

As far as xmas decorations go, for £1 you can’t really go wrong. If they break in a few years time then you’ve not spent a major amount and if they don’t, you get to make some great memories when you put them up. So if you want some Christmas tree ideas you should pop into your local Poundland and see if you can find something in there!

Perfect Christmas Decorations For The Christmas Tree Poundland Christmas Tree Decorations

Goblin Dreams Christmas Tree Goblins

You read that right, Christmas tree goblins! We were at Wales Comic Con a while back and came across these just sat on the table and we totally fell in love! We decided to go with the smaller versions, just because at the moment we live in a small one bedroom flat and don’t have the biggest tree in the world; getting the bigger versions would have totally dominated the Christmas tree and that’s not the aim. Goblin Dreams actually have way more Christmas tree decorations on their website so I’d suggest checking them out if you fancy taking a closer look.

Perfect Christmas Decorations For The Christmas Tree Goblin Dreams Christmas Tree Goblins


So we have a load of other generic tree decorations but I wanted to just highlight some of the fantastic ones we have. You can pick up cheap Christmas decorations anywhere, such as Poundland but it’s not always about how cheap you can find something because as I said they don’t always last. I would say though that if you’re in need of new decorations for the Christmas tree maybe wait for January and take a look at the Christmas decorations sales because you’re bound to find something wonderful.

I also love putting tinsle on the Christmas tree and all around the house, it just screams Christmas. The only problem with putting it around the house is that it’s around March time before I finally take it all down! I know some people like to just have one colour like white Christmas tree decorations only but I prefer to add as much colour in there as possible and make it really festive. Also don’t forget your Christmas tree baubles although I find they always seem to break for me! I hope I helped you find some new ideas for xmas tree decorations and you find some new pieces for your tree this year. I’m hopeless with finding a Christmas tree topper though so I can’t give you any advice there.

Perfect Christmas Decorations For The Christmas Tree


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