Christmas to me is all about family, I hardly ever want anything at Christmas and I’m the worst person to buy for. However getting past the Christmas food and presents, I’m always up for playing some amazing Christmas Games! I mean who doesn’t love Christmas party games, these days there’s so many of them to pick from it can be a hard choice to make. Which is why I’m here to help you! I’m going to talk about some amazing Christmas party games for adults and some also amazing Christmas party games for Kids!

So if you’re like me and love having fun at Christmas, make sure you pay attention to my list on the best family Christmas games because I’d hate for you to miss out on something special. Is there someone in your family whos a bit competetative and doesn’t want to admit it? That would be me in my family! I hate to lose but I’m not going to show it, you can bet I do a little victory dance if I win though! Oh I love some fun Christmas games, It’s November and I’m feeling so darn festive right about now! Now go take a look at my perfect xmas games for the whole family!

Monopoly! – Classic Christmas Board Game

So everyone loves Monopoly right? It has to be one of the best family games out there. Out of all the fun Christmas games that I’ve played this has to be the best. In terms of being competitiave and needing to win, this is the game you want. When everyone is full up after Christmas dinner you can bet they want to play Monopoly! If you’ve not played it then I have to say you’ve not lived, sorry! However these days there are so many different types of Monopoly it can be difficult on what one to play! I have to say go for the original, the original Monopoly wins out every single time! Although if you’re a geek like me, get the Pokemon Monopoly!

Out of all the fun Christmas games to play monopoly has to be a firm favourite at the top of the list, hence why it is at the top of the list I suppose! If you’ve got a different version of Monopoly that I’ve not mentioned, let me know which one it is in the comments!

DC Monopoly Christmas board game gift

What’s That Smell – Family Fun Board Game

I first saw this game on How to spend it well at Christmas and I thought it looked hilarious. It looks like the type of family game that everyone wants to play by the end of the day just to give it a try and see what it’s all about. Although I have to admit it sounded weird, that’d I’d be smelling all these different smells and had to guess what they were! The game is easy to get the hang of and play and it’s a really nice game!

You can get it on Amazon and at a decent price on the run up to Christmas as well! Personally I think this would be a great gift for under the tree or just one to buy so that everyone can play it towards the end of the day! Either way, if you buy it let me know how you got on! I mean there’s over 50 smells in this game so you’re not going to get bored!

Whats that smell Christmas board game gift

Pull My Finger – Hilarious Farting Christmas Game

This had me in stitched! I have to admit that the game is targetted towards children I suppose, however as a 25 year old adult at the time, it was funny as! It’s a firm favourite with the younger crowd however and is bound to have everyone in stitches at the end! I mean my younger brother is bad enough, without the monkey adding to it! You can get this hilarious game for around £20 depending on where you shop and I would totally recommend it for under the tree for any child! If you have a cheeky monkey at home and you have no idea what to buy them, here’s the ultimate gift to keep them entertained!

With the monkey being called Mr Buster as well, I couldn’t help but chuckle! Some of the reviews on YouTube and clips of people playing the game are to die for so make sure you check them out on your journey to buying this amazing game! Here’s the link to get it on Amazon although it’ll be cheaper I think if you go in store to get it, somewhere like the entertainer where it’s currently £16! Be careful when you pull his finger though, who knows when he’s going to let rip!

Pull my finger Christmas board game gift

Smart Arse – General Knowledge Board Game

You may have seen my recent post about Smart Arse, I stand by how amazing it is! I love it, I’m not very good at it though so we decided to team up, I pretend to know what I’m doing while the other half answers all the questions! We’re the dream team when it comes to board games! You can literally play this game with anyone but it is an adults party game that’s for sure. I don’t think children will understand most of the questions in there! Perfect for when the children have gone to bed, you’ve had a few too many drinks and want a laugh! Don’t forget to check out the recent post about the Smart Arse Board Game and order your before Christmas!

Smart Ass Christmas board game gift

Monogamy- Steamy Couples Board Game

Not to be confused with mahogany which I always do. This is a hands down game for adults, do not let your children play this! Monogamy isn’t normally something you’d pair up with thoughts of passionate and naughty sessions! This is the ultimate adults board games for all couples! If you’re a fun loving couple, get the monogamy board game! I love how you start the game, gaze into each others eyes with passion and love; whoever blinks first starts!

So you can buy Monogamy straight from their own website, or head on over to Ann Summers. I mean you know the game is going to be nice and steamy if you can buy it from Ann Summers right? So get yourself a copy and have fun when you play!

Monogamy Christmas board game gift

Truth Detector – Truth Finding Board Game

Another amazing childs game, fancy having your child put their family or friends to the test to find out if they’re lying or not? Check out this game if you do! There’s over 500 questions to pick in the game and you can soon find out who is telling porkies! Everytime you tell a lie a big siren sounds and a light goes off, you know they’re lyiing! Whoever has the most life cards left by the end of the game has won! Do you have what it takes to beat the lie detector?

You can get the game at Amazon on prime or any major store such as Argos or Smyths. It will keep your children entertained for hours and they’ll soon be making sure their parents aren’t lying! Great present for under the tree to open on Christmas day!

Truth Detector Christmas board game gift


Another fun game targetted towards the whole family so everyone can get stuck in and enjoy! Have you ever wanted to try and beat some of the guinness world records? I know I have! With this game you not only get to put your knowledge to the test but you can also demonstrate how good your own record breaking skills are, what’s not to love!

You can get the game from pretty much everywhere, which shows that it’s a firm favourite for this year and any child or adult is going to love opening this up for Christmas! Buy it from Amazon with a prime or shop in store at Debenhams, WHSmiths, The Works and so many other places!

Guinnesss World Records Challenges Christmas board game gift

The Remarkablz: Top Quarkz

Fancy a more empowering game for your child this year at Christmas time? Maybe you’re fed up of buying huge collections of games and you’ve had enough spending hundreds of pounds on Barbie and Action man dolls! Well Check out This ace little game, within the game you’ll be able to see some of the best male and female STEM role models, and I’m sure we’ve all heard about the STEM science games right? With this inspiring game you’re giving something a little different this year and it’s a great little piece for the parents to get involved with and teach their children at the same time!

Which superpowers will you take on? I’d recommend the game for children over 5 years old, depending on how much your child gets involved of course! Plus if you buy the game before 31st December it’s only £7.99 with the code INSPIRE so make sure you buy one here!

The Remarkablz: Top Quarkz

Party Faces – #GetYourPartyFacesOn

So everyone loves having a bit of fun and a laugh at Christmas right? Well I know I do. Although not a board game, they’re a lot of fun! The goggle eyes have to be my favourites but if you check out the video below you’ll be able to figure out what I think they’re so funny and uber cool! You can get the whole collection of Party Faces on the Marsk-arade website, there are so many to pick form and I LOVE them! So go forth and #GetYourPartyFacesOn.

#GetYourPartyFacesOn Christmas board game gift


So there you have it, so many fun games that you can get for Christmas. I mean who doesn’t love a fun Christmas present under the tree on Christmas day? You still have loads of time to get your gifts by Christmas and remember if you’re buying them on Amazon you’re able to get prime delivery for most of the games above! I hope you loved my best Christmas board games list, well best board games list all round if you want my opinion! These new board games are great for Christmas, everyone can join in and there’s something for everyone.

Let me know if you got any popular board games for Christmas or if you stick to the classic board games like Monopoly and don’t stray from the path! Don’t forget to get your hands on some of these top board games for Christmas and have them wrapped up for Christmas day! As I’ve said before Christmas for me is about family and that’s why a lot of the games on this list are family games everyone can get involved in.

Perfect Christmas Games For Adults & Children


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