Every year we have no idea what to buy the fellas in our life! Christmas, it’s the same routine and it sucks. You ask what they want for Christmas and they have no idea! Which mean you end up with a pack of socks, chocolate and a lynx set! Not this year, this year I’m taking it upon myself to find something a bit more fun, creative and something that’s going to be remembered; for all the right reasons!

I wanted to start with smellies that we all get for Christmas. I am so fed up with lynx sets, I don’t like lynx and haven’t since I was 14. I still end up getting one though! So I had a look around, got to chatting with people about what they like and found out some interesting bits. People want something fun, something they haven’t heard about or seen before. I found a few bits on Find Me a Gift and got them sent out to me.

Find Me a Gift. Okay so for the people who have no idea what it is, let me tell you. To be fair I had no idea about the website until a few weeks ago and I’m so glad I did. You know when you have no idea what to get someone for Christmas and you spend days online and ages walking around shops, well you don’t need to anymore. You don’t have to sort through random listings like you would on eBay either. Everything is right there, ready and waiting. At the same time there is something for everyone and every budget!

What did I pick?!

So of course I’m looking for something a little bit different to lynx, I mean boring! So I went for two items, totally different, both targeted towards men and two completely different price tags! Let’s see them shall we!?

Hello Handsome Muscle Miniatures Toiletry Gift Set.

That’s a mouthful after a few too many cherry’s at Christmas! I loved the look of these, I have to start with that. They look amazing, novelty yet snazzy enough to make an amazing gift. The entire concept around them is amazing. I love how they link to muscles and look like a nice toned body, yet at the same time I still feel like they would appeal to anyone.

As I said before it would appeal to most guys. Personally I went straight for the peck rub, I might not have pecs but who doesn’t love moisturiser!? So it looks amazing, it also smells pretty good as well. It doesn’t smell like something you would use once and throw to the back of the bathroom cupboard. You’d easily use this up within a month or two and be left wanting more after.

After all that, they are only £8.99. A bargain of a price when everything else cost so much more. Perfect for people on a lower budget who still want to put a smile on their loved ones face while making sure they have something they would actually use! Perfect gift for most special occasions!

Carlsberg Beer’d Beauty

I admit it, I like a drink on the rare occasion and I do like Carlsberg. Little disclaimer, you don’t have to be 18+ to own this although it does help if the person has actually started shaving! So the set comes with 100ml shaving gel, 100ml aftershave cream and 100ml moustache cream. Don’t worry the products only have 0.2 litres of freeze-dried Carlsberg beer in them, your loved one won’t be getting drunk any time soon.

My favourite? The aftershave cream for sure. I like the fact they don’t smell like a pint on a Friday night but they smell really good. Like I said before though, I wanted to go for a budget gift and something with a bigger price tag. Meet the higher price tag, the set is currently priced at £40. Which might seem like a lot to some people but others wouldn’t bat an eyelid.

Reasons to buy? Well for starters I’ve said about how they are so amazing. If you have a man who loves the next big thing or limited edition pieces then this limited edition set is for him any day of the week! If you don’t like it, send it back within 30 days. I doubt you’re going to be sending it back though, the set rocks!

Personally I love Find me a gift. They have so much on their website and there’s just more than anyone could think of. Think of not on the high street but with reasonable prices spread across the whole website. I’ve already scouted out a few gifts that I want to be getting people for Christmas! Although personally I LOVE this Gameboy notebook! I mean if anyone wants to get me one, be my guest!!

So get over there today and start stocking up on them Christmas gifts before it’s too late for delivery! Plenty there to surprise anyone on the day!

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