I loved the first Incredibles film which is why I decided to enter a competition to win a load of toys from the amazing Incredibles 2 film, I was over the moon to find out that I actually won as well! It’s not every day that I win competitions anymore as I don’t have time to enter them but this one was an easy selfie picture on Instagram and you can see the entry below, it was really easy.

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#lasereyesjackjack omg so cute I want!

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So when I entered I thought I was just winning Jack Jack, little did I know that actually there was a bundle of these amazing toys that I won and not just the one toy. You can bet I was excited and I couldn’t wait to show my younger brother either who like me, is a fan of Incredibles and anything that lights up and shoots lazers like Jack Jack does, you can see in the picture that he’s lit up and ready to fire lazer eyes!

He also makes noises and comes with the iconic racoon that he fights with in the film, if you’ve not seen the film I suggest you do ASAP! It’s amazing and both aimed at children and the grown ups who were young when the first film came out! I spoke about other toys, well the bundle came with the boat which you see in the film and the Eleaster girl motor bike! My brother loved the boat and it was the first thing out!

Incredibles 2 boat toy

Incredibles 2 Toy Bike

If you want to see some pictures of the boat and other bits in action then you need to head on over to my instagram page and check them out! I must say that the toys are built so well, I’ve got my younger brother a load of toys before and they just seem to fall apart after a few days but nope, these are made nice and sturdy!

Where Can You Buy incredibles 2 Toys?

Well I have to say Jack Jack is my favourite, he’s the reason I entered the competition and why I won it in the first place so I might have to keep him for myself! Jacob will have to keep the boat and bike! What I love as well is that accessories are included and you’re not having to buy loads of add on items just to make the toy complete! If you fancy getting any then go ahead, these make an amazing Chrsitmas gift and would look ace under the tree!!

If you have a child like my brother who loves to shoot stuff then I’d go for the boat, with cannons on board! He uses them to shoot cars, which I assume are on dry land… That being said I think any of these toys are great for young children, my brother is 5 and he has an amazing imagination, he can create any scenario and that’s what makes these toys so amazing. At one point the boat was fending off zombies! It was easy to see that the boat was Jacobs favourite  so if you’re looking for a toy for a 5 year old boy, get the boat!

So there you have it, an amazing gift and decent quality. My brother loves them and any child his age I reckon would as well. Another nifty feature with the boat, it opens up and you can stick the little bits that come with it inside so they don’t get lost as we all know that toys are easily lost when it comes to a child tidying up! Again if you want to see more head on over to my Instagram and don’t forget to subscribe!

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Playing With Amazing Incredibles 2 Toys Bundle!


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