I’m a big boy, I get it; thanks to the media though I’d like to be referred to as plus size. I was doing some research a while back before starting my Fashion Friday posts and found that there actually aren’t many. If you do stumble across some they can be wearing some awfully bad clothes, haven’t seen any plus size underwear models that’s for sure.

I mean check out this independent post about how there aren’t any on the scene! Or this Revelist post, I mean I could link you to loads of them, about how model agencies have said they are going to start hiring plus size male models and they just haven’t. I know that body imaging for women is a huge problem but what about us guys. I’m so fed up with seeing loads of adverts for these hot studs I’m never going to live up to!

Take a look at Jacamo for instance, they claim to be working for bigger guys; that’s great. Although take a look at their models for a second, they’re smoking hot right. I’m not saying that bigger guys can’t be hot, after all my partner is quite the catch. They claim however that they use “bigger models”. I would like to point out that their idea of bigger guys happens to be taller guys, or guys with big feet, not the same thing everyone else is thinking about. The more annoying part is that most bigger clothing brands are doing the same thing.

Maybe I should take a load of model looking photos and submit my work to a load of model agencies? That would be a hoot, I don’t think I would get very far. Not having a great body, perfect face and amazing muscles. Let me know if that’s something you would like me to do though for a little experiment! What a hoot that would be. I mean just have a look on google when I put in plus size model!

Anyway moving away from that I wanted to showcase a few guys that I feel are doing us bigger guys justice. Apart from me I tried to have a look for other bloggers who show off us big guys in a positive light and not as obese.

So without keeping you waiting any longer my first showcase, Alfie B-Smith! If you’re into ale you really do need to check this guy out, he reviews them from all over the place. I want to talk about his plus size work though. He’s reviewed clothes from Bad Rhino, a personal favourite of mine that haven’t converted all their models to Greek gods yet. He also has some wicked Instagram posts so be sure to check them out!

Extra Inches, something that no one can say no to! This guy screams confidence and I love it! If you haven’t already check him out, I love his Halloween pictures as well, another must to be following on Instagram that’s for sure! He’s got an amazing fashion sense and something I look up to that’s for sure!

Finally my third edition for the post, Guy Overboard! An Italian stallion. Some of the outfits this guy pulls off, I couldn’t even imagine me wearing in my wildest dreams. Don’t think I could ever look good in a male jumpsuit that’s for sure! I’m not sure if I could ever attempt it. If you’re looking for some inspiration content you need to check him out!

So there you have it, three amazing plus size bloggers that I love to follow. They’re an inspiration to all men and myself personally. I’d love to know if you follow any other bloggers or plus size male models and let me know so I can take a look at them myself!

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