Christmas is the time of giving, also recieving but more on the giving in this post. Every year we’ve been donating to the foodbank and it makes us feel great, however we know a lot of people that don’t and they end up throwing loads of food away and it quite frankly upsets me! Which is why I wanted to dedicate a blogmas day to donating to foodbanks and why you should, but only if you can afford to and you’re not putting yourself without food as a consequence! That’s the thing about giving, it’s nice but only give what you can and don’t overdo it.

There’s also a few things people need to know about donating to food banks and the rules around it all. I didn’t know there were rules, I thought you could just drop items off whenever you wanted but that didn’t seem to be the case. I’ve talked about donating bits before in my No Spend November post so maybe check that out if you’ve got loads of clutter in the bathroom.

When Can I Donate To A Food Bank?

So if you’re looking to donate to a food bank then there’s a few bits you need to know about. Make sure your local food bank is still open, a lot have been closed down thanks to the conservative goverment at the moment even though they’re in constant use. It doesn’t take long, just google it and you’ll be able to find out if it’s open. Another thing with food bank donations it that some food banks are by appointment only so you can’t just go and drop off food donation whenever you wan’t which is a shame. However if you want to donate, you can always do this to a food charity shop such as the Trussle Trust. The Trussle Trust take the food to the food banks so you can leave it with them and it’s sure to get to the same place.

What Can I Donate To A Food Bank?

Quite a bit more than you’d think. Most people only think that food is needed at food banks, maybe because it’s called food bank. However people are in need of every day essentials such as toothpaste, deodrants, womens sanitary products and other hygine products. As well you can donate pet food to food banks because pets also need to eat and image a puppy eating some yummy doggy food! Every little helps at the end of the day, do No Spend November and donate some products from that.

One thing we do when we want to donate, even more so around Christmas time when money is tight for everyone; we clear out our cupboards. I swear everyone has bits in their cupboards at home that they don’t use and probably won’t use as well. We had loads of bits and decided to clear them all out! I know people do a reverse advent and go out and buy bits and I love the idea. However we managed to donate more than 25 items just by clearing out the cupboards and I was so happy. We got more space in the kitchen and we’ve hopefully helped people out.

Toys, some food banks take toy donations if you have them. However I know that some food banks have stopped doing this due to the low influx of toys and they don’t want to put the word out that they’re putting toys in with the food donations if they run out and someone is left dissapointed, even more so a child! However ring your local food bank or Trussle Trust and see if they accept toys. If you need somewhere to donate your toys that you child has loved and no longer play with, maybe donate them to a dentist, doctors of hospital wards as they all have children visit and I’m sure they’ll be very greatful!

Who Gets The Donations At The Food Bank

People who need them. People who aren’t able to afford food for themselves or their family. Which really sucks in this day and age, people like nurses who look after us all on a daily basis are having to use food banks due to budget cuts and low wages. I don’t want to get too political but the people who need them are getting the food donations. The thing I love at the moment is that food banks are making Christmas hampers together, to put a smile on some peoples faces which I think is amazing. So if you have some nice bits to donate, please do!


If you can donate, please do. Even if it’s only at Christmas time when people are in the most need because you can make a difference. I make a habit of donating every Christmas and to be fair it makes me feel good, that might be a selfish reason as well but I’m making sure to help peopel at the same time. Sometimes selfish motivates aren’t all that bad. Let me know if you’ve donated this year and if it made you feel good!

Reasons Why You Should Donate To A Food Bank At Christmas Time


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