You might be thinking the title is a little missleading, trust me it isn’t. I used to see all these stories about people who did a couple of things every other day and saved up to £500 by the time Christmas rolled around in Amazon gift cards and I thought it was a scam. Turns out I was the one who was wrong and it’s actaully something that you can achieve! Christmas is a tough time of year so there’s no point keeping all the knowledge to myself, that’s hardly fair.

There’s a few different ways you can get your hands on Amazon gift cards and each are the same to the core so it’s not that difficult to get your head around. When you’re done you’re going to be left with one big Amazon gift card on your account ready to spend for Christmas. Each Amazon gift voucher is virtual as well so you’ll get a code and be able to add it onto your Amazon account. Plus at Christmas with all the Amazon offers about it’s the best time to get yourself some Amazon bargains!

Let’s now talk about all the different ways you can get your hands on an Amazon voucher with some serious cash on in time for Christmas so that you’ll be able to buy more and take on a lot less stress.

Shoppix App

Shoppix is a smart phone app where you upload your receipts. Each time you upload a receipt you’ll earn some coins that go towards your total amount. You’ll also earn scratchcards that you can use and sometimes get some extra coins from them, the highest I’ve got is 100 coins before which was a great addition. I’ve wrote about shoppix before here so totally check it out. When you’ve got enough coins you’re able to get an Amazon voucher and you can also get other vouchers such as PayPal, iTunes and Love2shop vouchers.

I find that Shoppix is really easy, they give you a decent amount of coins when you upload, if you upload same day you shop you also get extra coins which is great. They also have surveys from time to time where you can normally get 20-50 coins for entering! If you fancy kicking off your shoppix journey with an extra 200 coins, use this referal code! 06JFUC08 

Receipt Hog App

Receipt hog is pretty much just like Shoppix, but not as good in my opinion. #Sorrynotsorry and that’s that. They still give you coins for when you upload receipts but in my opinion not as many as shoppix. The cool thing with receipt hog is that you get a fruit machine, so where you get scratch cards on receipt hog you now get a fruit machine! You get the same rewards as well, I always pick Amazon vouchers ready for Christmas though and I’d suggest for others to do the same but if you want the cash you can always cash out into PayPal.

I love both receipt hog and shoppix because they’re basically giving you money just for uploading pictures of your receipts, that you’d normally throw away! If you fancy reading more about receipt hog, ready my receipt hog post. Again it does take a little longer to get rewards on receipt hog though, which is a pain but again something for nothing and Amazon vouchers for Christmas!

Jobspotter App

I love the Jobspotter app with a passion! It’s got to be the best smart phone app for getting Amazon vouchers I’ve used so far! All you need to do is download the app, whenever you see a staff wanted or job sign you snap a picture, upload it and bam you get credits towards your Amazon gift card. Then when you’ve collected enough and you want to cash out they give you an Amazon gift card code and you can add it onto your Amazon! It took us around 6 months to collect £66 in Amazon vouchers and we hardly went out.

Sometimes I won’t take a picture of a wanted sign because there will be a load of people about and I’ll get a little emabrrassed although I’ve moslty got used to it now. I a few seconds of being in the middle of everyone means less stress at Christmas, I’m more than happy to snap some pictures. The only rule is to make sure no people are in the pictures of they won’t be approved! Fancy reading a little more? Check out my jobspotter blog post.


There you have it folks. I don’t know of any other ways you can get some Amazon gift cards in time for Christmas with minimal effort but these three. I have to say there are a few other ways out there that you can earn amazon Evouchers but in my opinion they take up too much time and just aren’t worth the money in the end. So download the three apps above and get yourself an amazon e gift card for Christmas and make Christmas shopping a whole lot less stressful!

If you fancy finding other ways to save momey in the new year check out this money saving budget planner post and don’t spend too much in the new year!


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