You might be thinking that Christmas is no time for reduced food and yellow stickers, years ago I thought the same thing. Until I left home and realised how expensive everything could be! Christmas food isn’t cheap and you’re going to have to pay for it somehow. I didn’t think about writing this post for Blogmas until a week ago when we ended up in Tesco, whenever we go to Tesco we know where the reduced bits are and always go to take a look. To be fair it was a Friday and around 8pm, we didn’t think we’d find anything but we were so wrong!

Using Reduced Food At Christmas Time

We ended up walking away with a huge haul and it was unreal! We ended up with 6 packs of Tesco Finest pigs in blankets for only 62p each, when they’re normally £2.50. They still had a week on them as well which was great but we don’t mind because we have a nice big chest freezer. We picked up two Chickens for £1.26 and loads of sausages, if you fancy taking a look at some other reduced hauls we’ve had in the past check out this nifty post and you can see the monumental scale of what can be got from the reduced section, we typically go for the meat section as well.

How Long Can Reduced Food Stay In The Freezer

Forever is not the right answer. We normally keep ours in the freezer for up to 6 months, although I’ve been known to keep stuff for up to a year. Make sure that the packaging is not damaged because it can ruin the food and then you will have to throw it away, which is a huge shame even if you didn’t pay full price. Also remember that you can’t freeze something that has already been frozen before, you can cook something and then freeze it again however so if you have a slow cooker maybe that’s something to think about. I love making recipes like this one and then freezing them, so that I can take some to university or the other half can take some to work.

Where Are The Best Places To Get Reduced Food

Well I’m glad you asked, I don’t know for sure but I can tell you what it’s like in Bournemouth. I’d skip Asda, we hardly ever find anything good in there and to be fair we’ve given up looking most of the time. We might have a quick scan past the reduced food section but there’s never anything good. Tesco on the other hand is great, if you manage to get there are the right time and fight past all the regulars who hang about then you’ll find something amazing. At Christmas time they are reducing loads as the supermarkets always order way too much and there’s enough to go round so totally check out your local Tesco reduced food section for some bargains!

What Are Reduced Sections Like?

Scary, well it depends what supermarket you’re visiting. In our Tesco that we go to I find that there are regulars that crowd around and wait for the food to come out. When the fruit and veg emerge the crowd goes wild and if you’re not careful you’ll find yourself getting hurt! The other half has his hand trapped between the food cart and a regulars shopping trolley, so be careful. If you fancy an insight to the madness that can go on check out this video. I must admit though you get a little rush doing it and it’s like a competitve sport sometimes, but everyone is different and you might hate it; the only way is to try it out!


If you’re heading out to do some reduced Christmas food shopping make sure you have your war face on. Check out your local Tesco ahead of time to see when they throw the reduced stuff out and turn up on time. The reduced food times are normally around 6-8pm but as I said, scout out ahead of time. You can grab some really nice bargains and I’d love to know what you’ve got in the past. I think our best is when we got huge packs of mince at 15% for £1 each, there must have been about 50 packs on the shelf but we only grabbed 20, had enough for dinners for a month and that’s what it’s all about! Don’t be afraid to get stuck in there, at the end of the day you need to look after yourself and food isn’t cheap anymore!

Saving Money On Christmas Dinner With Reduced Yellow Sticker Food


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