Are competitions any good for bloggers and should we be running them on a monthly basis? There’s always two sides to every argument and that’s what I’m trying to determine in this post. I myself have ran a few competitions already and have seen both benefits and negatives to them, I’m going to discuss both so that you can get the full picture.

Positives to running competitions

I wanted to start positive, because starting a post negative can be, well negative! Competitions are a great way to get traffic to your website. Maybe a couple thousand hits per month just for one competition, which is amazing. Think of how good the stats are going to be for that month! Not to mention you’re getting new people interested and some might stick about to read even more of your work.

At the same time you’re going to be able to work with more brands, there’s two ways bloggers run competitions. Either they supply the prize themselves or they get a brand to supply the prize, if you go with the brand option you’re making new contacts and most of the time they’ll give you the product to review as well.

Let’s not forget the fact that competitions will grow your social media followers. I’ve gained a few hundred on Twitter before thanks to competitions I ran over 2017. It really helps because sometimes blogging can be a numbers game and the blogger with the most followers gets the most work.

Negatives to running competitions

Competitions aren’t all sunshines and daisies though. Oh no, there’s a lot wrong with competitions and sometimes bloggers like to ignore this. For example, you might be getting loads of traffic to your blog one month but the next your stats are going to come crashing down and unless you have competitions every month you’re not going to have the high stats all year round. The people who visit your website because of the competition, only a small percentage are going to stick around after; most are going to leave and go onto the next competitions.

The same can be said about social media, as I’ve said before competitions have helped me grow my Twitter. However although social media numbers might seem like a good thing, brands want engagement. They don’t just want someone with 10k followers if their followers aren’t commenting on their work or liking the posts.

Brands, they’re great and all but sometimes they don’t follow through. If you’re running the competition yourself and sending out the prize you won’t have a problem. However if the brand is suppose to send out the prize and they don’t, you’re left to buy the prize and then send it to the competition winner yourself. It sucks but it’s the ASA rules and as the people running the competition we have to adhere to the rules!

I’m not here to tell you that you should or shouldn’t run competitions. I’ve ran a few in the past although I also prefer to grow my blog organically and without the help for competitions. I think that when I hit the certain number I have in my head I might start to explore competitions again because I know I’ve already got the organic traffic that I want.

I’d love to know your thoughts? Have you ran any competitions and how have you found them? I know bloggers who have never and will never run them because it’s not how they want to run their blog, I also know bloggers who have a different competition each month and love to run them!

If you want to know more about how to run a competition as a blogger I’d suggest buying this book that Di Coke put together, it’s informative and has all the information you need to get going! Plus at the moment it’s only £1.99 which is a score!

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