I’m trying to lose weight for when I get married, I’m forever looking at ways to cut back and eat better. When you’re a student like me however that isn’t always easy, you might just work from home or have no idea what to have for lunch or dinner. I used to eat loads of ready meals, until I started my calorie counting diet. Now for the people who say counting calories is a waste of time and doesn’t help anyone lose weight, I’ve almost lost two stone. The thing is I was doing great eating ready meals for lunch until I started seeing a decrease in the amount of weight lost every week.

I took a look at the ready meals and almost fainted. Most of the ready meals that I had been eating had between 300-500 calories in them, sometimes more. It’s easy to over look a ready meal if it says its healthy or reduced fat. You just scan the bar code into the app and away you go for lunch. So I made it my mission to actually find a ready meal that had less than 400 calories in it, I had given up hope. I found a few but they were children meals and I like my food.

It wasn’t until I came across this exciting new Aldi range that my views started to change! I now have a new appreciation for the supermarket chain. I must point out that I haven’t been sponsored for this post, I don’t get paid to write it and they have no idea so yes views are totally my own.

So looking around Aldi and I come across these ready meals in the freezer, never had them before and had no idea what they were like. Most of the time low calorie ready meals will have around 300g worth of food in them whereas these meals have 450g! I was a bit nervous because I’ve been stung with some pretty rank ready meals before but I have to admit these were LUSH! However I have to point out that the likes of Bolognse Ragu happens to only be 212kcal for the whole pack!

So if you’re looking for a healthy alternative to ready meals without losing the ready meal touch, check these out. I’ve eaten them all and totally forgot to take any photos for the blog! So check out my Instagram and hopefully a photo will pop up when I get some more! Aldi are perfect for low cost meals and it seems they are moving forward and bringing people the healthy food that they have been screaming out for!

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