Smart Ass The Board Game

If you know me you’ll know I’m a smart ass. I’m sarcastic and always have an answer no matter what the topic! Which is why I was over the moon when I was sent this game to try out and know what I though. Of course I just had to share what I found with you lovely lot! I would also like to point out that if you know anyone who can’t help but be a sarcastic know it all, this is the perfect gift for any occasion! Also not to mention the box is yellow, my favourite colour and since shrek I’ve always loved donkeys!!

Is the Smart Ass Board Game easy to play?

Pretty much. So the aim is to know the most, that being said I kinda failed at it! Some of the questions can actually be a little difficult, especially the “Who Am I?” questions!! I mean take a look at the one below and tell me if you go it right away. The thing is, you have to give away a clue at a time and then it can get really tricky. The other half got them all right in seconds and I was totally shocked! I can’t wait to take the game up to my in laws and see who wins. I was thinking in pairs. Me and the other half against the both of them!

Smart Ass Board Game Who Am I? Question Card

Why Get The Smart Ass Board Game?

So if you got that above you’re much smarter than I am! Seriously though this game would be perfect for Christmas, sure a Christmas present but I’m talking family time. Every year I like to sit down and play some games, I’m not talking xbox gaming or on the PC though. I’m talking board games, last time I had Christmas at home we cracked out Cards Against Humanity and Monopoly. They’re classic favourites and we had fun playing them, I don’t think I’m the only one who plays board games at Christmas though, right? This game will be perfect, like I said I’m taking it up to Wales next time we go and visit the in laws and we’re going to give it a good play.

I think as well the game fits in perfectly with any family. The questions range from easy to difficult, depending on what kind of card you pick up. I know some of them and the others I don’t know my other half might as he’s a little older than I am. As long as you’re with company you love spending time with this board game has it all. Also the winners are obviously smart asses and you can call them that without being offensive, what’s not to love!

If you fancy seeing more on the game, head on over to my gaming Instagram so that you can see some pictures. Also don’t forget to order your Smart Ass Board Game before the Christmas rush, I always find my parcels go “missing” more towards Christmas so buy it now and don’t miss out!! Plus it’s not even £20 and some of the new monopoly games I’ve been looking at are closer to £40, bargain at Christmas!?!? What’s not to love about that!! If you fancy seeing some more cool board game reviews, check out this ace blog post!

Smart Ass Board Game, A Hilarious & Fun Game For Everyone!


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  1. Great blog Louis,

    Talking about issues closer to my heart… And brain! Plus I also have the Smart Ass game. Will be bringing it out at home for New Years Eve with some drinkies. Maybe go crazy with Jenga too. Although that can be stressful!

    Thanks again, keep blogging and spreading the word!


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